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Western Area for Mid April

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I'm considering a western trip this year and since one person in the group is a school teacher we are looking at Easter Week (Second week of April).

We are seeking a resort that will provide challenging skiing to skiiers with mostly Eastern experience (MRG, Sugarbush, Jay). Even though it is late in the season we would like to see winter rather than spring conditions (if possible). What is our best bet?

I was thinking Snowbird/Alta/Solitude (easy flights from NY and Boston) since I've been there before and enjoyed it, but am unsure of late season conditions. Also Big Sky (or elsewhere in MT), should be colder than Salt Lake resorts. Or would we be better off in Canada (Baniff, Fernie, elsewhere)?

Open to any and all suggestions.

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Your only real choice if you are looking for the highest chance of winter conditions is Banff. Everything else that you mentioned would likely have a high chance of spring conditions. The Easter week at Sunshine Village and Lake Louise's back bowls can be a great time of the season.
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Yeah, Canada or LCC should do you right.
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Head west and I mean far west. While Utah & Big Sky will probably be open, their wonderful light snow turns to mush when its warm. You'll have a good chance of encountering some dangerous & ugly conditions by mid-April. Same goes for the Banff area from what I've heard.

Further west the wetter, denser snow holds better in April. Check into Mt. Bachelor, Whistler or one of the Tahoe ski areas. You're not going to find any pristine powder that time of year but on the West Coast you should find some great spring corn.
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Just to make a point stick!!!

The finest snow of the winter season often occurs with the passing of fast fronts during April in Banff!

Those who have been there when snow with sub 5%H2O blankets the area know it is worth the trip. It isn't unusual for winter conditions to hold well into April at the higher levels of the resorts. Their sheltered position in the Rocky spine, and altitude/lattitude add up to the longest winter conditions on the continent.
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Yeah, but what about banff? have you considered banff? i don't know what the elevation is, but someone's gotta know what the elevation is. nothing like a little elevation sickness to ruin your whole trip.

too bad M A M M O T H ! ! ! sucks.

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" Even though it is late in the season we would like to see winter rather than spring conditions (if possible). What is our best bet?"

Yep, It doesn't meet the man's request.
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