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Well, Ragged Mountain's Six-Pack is finally completed, and it officially opens this Friday, February 1. All the chairs are on it, and it looks great in person. This will open up the summit to skiers.

I'm thinking of heading on up to take a spin on it, anyone else thinking of being one of the very first to ski "New Hampshire's Only Six Pack"?* The novelty and importance of this momentous event cannot be overstated

And, ahem, if Ragged/POMA should have rushed the construction job to get it up this soon, and something, er, *happens*, does anyone want my 184cm Vertigo Motions?

Either way, congratulations Ragged on actually getting it up this year, with plenty of skiing left. Maybe you do have your act together.

* It'll go great with Ragged's claim to have "the steepest trail in New England" (Cabin Fever).