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conditions in northern MI

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I'll be staying right next to Nub's Nob and Boyne Highland for an extended Thanksgiving weekend with the family and I would like to get my first turns in there if at all possible. I just lookes at Nub's cam and it shows some spotty snow from their snowmaking. Their website says that they anticipate opening in Thanksgiving weekend, but the weather report doesn't seem to agree with that. If anyone from MI has any info to share about snowmaking/conditions in northern MI, I'd be all ears - thanks!
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I have a place at Shanty Creek and we seem to ski every other year at Thanksgiving. This looks to be an off year as I was up last weekend and there was very little snow and raining on top of that. There does not look to be any real cold weather on tap for the next week but things change fast. I'm hopeing for the second weekend in Dec. as my son wants to take friends up for a 13th birthday party skiing.
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I've heard that Boyne is making snow and is planning to open Thanksgiving weekend. I can let you know tuesday as to the actual conditions at Boyne Mtn.
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