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Crested Butte Beginner

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Hello, going to Crested Butte in next couple of weeks, and I'm a fairly new skier. Does anybody of any advice on which trails are best to start out on and then which ones afterwards? Can't always go by the map. It will be wifes first time, so her first day will be in class. Also, if you want to throw in your favorite restaurant, then that would be fine too, lol. Thanks for your help in advance.
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I visited the butte for the first time earlier this season, and its my favoritate ski mountain. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum, however, being an expert. One thing I can say about finding the right trail is that at crested butte the expert/advanced terrain is difficult to get to, and seperated (for the most part). The town is really cool because it hasn't changed as a result of the ski culture; its a mining town in the west and it shows. Try out the crested butte brewery for some good priced, and really quality food.
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