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Spring Break

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Before we become too repetitive in our choice of Spring Break (3/20 - 3/27)locations - SLC, I thought I would solicit some feedback. Any suggestions:

Our group:
2 families:
- 1 family:group of intermediates (although the adults will
attending ESA2 and the Gathering in a couple of weeks) Kids
ages 7 & 9. Has been to SLC 3 times within the last year. Kids
liked Alta/Snowbird and haven't been to Snowbasin yet.
- 1 family: Dad used to be ski instructor in Chile, likes
Mammouth/A-Basin, mom upper intermediate but has not been
in a couple of years, 9 year-old daughter has skied a couple
of times, 4 year-old daughter never skied. Never been to
SLC skiing

We have never taken a ski trip with another family, any suggestions (horror stories accepted).

Any experience with ski area day-care? For what looks like the cost of day-care, they just as well be skiing.

* Variety of terrain
* Ski school for ages 4 - 9(possibly day-care for 4 year-old)
* Cost
* Not too crowded (at least for Spring Break time)

Initial options:
* Drive 13 - 14 hours to Steamboat or maybe fly
- Pros: cost (driving), choice of intermediate terrain,
less crowded than Summitt County, ?
- Cons: driving 14 hours with 8 people, variable spring
conditions, amount of expert terrain?
* Fly to SLC - stay in Sandy
- Pros: terrain, reasonable chance for good late spring
conditions, variety of resort choices, our experience is
SLC is less crowded than Summitt County at this time,
relatively cheap/easy flight to SLC (from DSM, IA)

* If Summitt County wasn't so crowded, we might have considered
that area.
* Aspen - too pricey at Spring Break
* Jackson/Targhee - we might consider after we get back in a
couple of weeks.
* Taos - maybe next year

Two weeks until ESA !
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Is there an "official" time for Spring Break, i.e., is it the entire Month of March?

Have skiied Utah and CO. for the last 30+ years IMHO Utah has better snow and less crowds, but the daily drives are a pain, even more so with kids, I would consider ski in / ski out accomadations, more expensive of course and limited in Utah.

Brighton and Solitude good place for kids and less crowded than Alta and Snowbird.

We own ski in / ski out timeshare in Breckenridge and don't miss the daily load the car, unload the car, get boots etc. on, and then repeat the whole thing ... but just did it last winter and were most impressed with Snowbasin, but at least an hour drive from Sandy.

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Thanks. We're going to wait a while. Maybe try a last minute flight somewhere - and see how work and weather work themselves out.

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The southerly jet has stayed peskily close to the interior western US this year. Here in the western Gulf Coast region there has not been a significant freeze, and deep winter is usually over by the middle of January. In years that I can remember, this has indicated high likelihood of early warming trends in the southern and central rockies. ...With that in mind, I would suggest you aim your sights at altitude and preservation characteristics. Summit county(including Loveland) and the Aspen group probably hold the best position in these criteria. ...It needs to be remembered that this is the time of year when deep snow is not as big a factor because you will likely be making concessions to the freeze-thaw cycle and only the top couple of inches are what intermediates should be concerned with.

The crowd problem in Summit County the last week of March is something that I didn't percieve to be as severe as the two weeks earlier(Maybe some of the locals can weigh in on this). I would definitely recomend you opt for a drive in to Summit county, so you can have the option to modify your ski days to follow the best conditions available; for what many consider to be the last week of winter skiing in the rockies.

Good luck with your trip!

P.S. - As in all cases, I do hope the real situation that time of year is ALL skiers are knee deep in crisp powder, but the odds aren't necessarily slanted that direction!
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