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Storm coming in New England -- where to ski?

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Here in Boston we're supposed to get 6-10" tonight. I can't get out to the slopes until Sat., but it looks like NE might get more snow later in the week.

Anyone know which resorts within a 2 hour drive of Boston:

a. Have a good base (the numbers they publish don't always reflect the actual situation on the ground, it seems to me)?


b. Are supposed to get the most new snow this week?

From weather.com, for example, it looks like Sunapee is likely to get more snow than Loon (in fact, it looks like it might already be snowing at Sunapee).

Any thoughts on what might be the last good skiing weekend of the year?
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Mount Snow, though very close to Boston, HAS NO BASE LEFT.

So, you don't want to go there. Even with two feet of heavy wet fresh snow that "Might" Fall tonight.

Cripes!! It's snowing so hard out there, I can hardly see the building across the street. I don't know if I'll make it home tonight, much less up to the mountain Very Early tomorrow Morning .

(Sinister laughing)


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Originally posted by CalG:
Mount Snow, though very close to Boston, HAS NO BASE LEFT.
CalG, are you AKA Baghdad Bob, Minister of disinformation?

I skied Mt. Snow on Sun. 3/14 and had a blast!

True, where they haven't been maintaining a manmade base, things are somewhat bleak, but really only about 20% of runs were closed.

With this dump, I think the skiing at Mt. Snow will be pretty awesome. Even the wicked bump runs should be sweet with 10-12" of fresh in the troughs.
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My previous post is a skiers invitation on a fresh snow day.

"It's bad, Don't go there, Leave me alone (with all the fresh)" yadah yadah.....

I need to make my humor less like my whining.

Sunday had some nice snow conditions on Jaws, But Free Fall at 9:00 in the morning was no less than sinister Icy hard.

Tomorrow should be sublime

See you there!_


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I've never been to Mt. Snow. How long does it take to get there from Boston?
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Tomorrow morning with two wheel drive? A little over 6 hours!
If we have a foot of fresh snow choking all the traffic.

I have never made the straight run, but Boston is a two hour drive from my place, and the mountain is a half hour away. So two and a half.

Rt 2 to 91 North to Vt. exit 2, west on 9 to Whilmington.
North about 5 miles on Rt 100. Check out Mapquest for the last word.


A blast up 89 to killington might be faster, I just wonder if they will get the accumulation as this system tracks a bit south. Watch the snow reports!


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I hear Bromley is $17.00 with green. They should right in the path.
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If you are right in Boston (like me), here are my drive times...

Cannon - 2 hrs (straight up 93)
Loon - 2 hrs
Waterville valley 1 1/2 - 1 3/4
Sunapee 1 1/2
Bretton Woods 2 1/4
Okemo 2 1/2

I haven't tried Mt Snow, but the only way to get there is on Route 2 and it's a hike.

Cannon is probably the least crowded but only fun if the winds are calm and your at least an upper intermediate skiier IMO.

Good luck, please let me know if you need any more info
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I'm in Newton, so my times are typically about 10-15 min. longer than those from Boston. But I did make it to Loon in 2 hrs. 5 min. recently. Sunapee is usually about 1 3/4 hrs. for me. I'll be skiing with my 8 year old son and, in the afternoon, my 5 year old daughter as well. So Cannon's probably out . I'm leaning toward Sunapee, which has a coupon for a free junior lift ticket, or perhaps Ragged given that the kids will be with me.

Is Waterville really that much closer than Loon? Something to keep in mind if I have the Threedom pass next season....
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Originally posted by thebuzard:
I hear Bromley is $17.00 with green.
Please pardon my ignorance, but what does that mean? $17 lift tickets? If so, how?
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Originally posted by bostonheel:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by thebuzard:
I hear Bromley is $17.00 with green.
Please pardon my ignorance, but what does that mean? $17 lift tickets? If so, how? </font>[/quote]If you go to the ticket counter wearing green, then they sell you a lift ticket for $17.

This type of discount is common for certain occasions.
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The snow hasn't started here yet, but I had a stunning headache from early morning onwards, which means an approaching strong Low pressure system (got a bit dizzy too). So far they are still saying it's going to happen.
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[/qb][/quote]If you go to the ticket counter wearing green, then they sell you a lift ticket for $17.

This type of discount is common for certain occasions. [/QB][/quote]

I take it that applies only tomorrow . Sadly, I can't ski until Saturday.
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Come on People

Give us some condition reports.

We want to ski this weekend.

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Got about a foot of fresh stuff at Holiday Valley in Western New York last night. We were fresh tracking most of the evening last night. Spring skiing conditions are super; all trails open.
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Any reports from NH?

Got my identity back -- whew!
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Originally posted by epic:
Quit bragging!!
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My wife is up at Bretton Woods all week and she said they picked up about 6 inches last nite with maybe another 1-3 possible before the weekend.

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That's good because Bretton Woods last Saturday had 1-2 inches of powder on top of dirt and ice.
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Epic's right for here. That's about all we got. DAMN IT!
Light soap-flake stuff, too.
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Ant, Sugarbush is saying 6" on their website -- are they being optimistic? I can't imagine them being too much different than Stowe...

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Sugarbush seems to get good lake effect snow.
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We can see sugarbush from here. then again, breck regularly got more snow than keystone, and we could see them AND hear their avalanche bombs.

they reckon it's not cold enough now for lake effect to work.
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I was at Wildcat yesterday. It was great. They had about 6 inches of new snow and it was snowing steadily most of the day on the upper half of the mountain. Powder and powder bumps and soft snow. In some places where it got skied off there was a little ice. (temperatures were in the 20's, no wind) I didn't see any bare spots. I got there about 10:30. It's about 150 miles but it took about 3 hours because a lot of it is on a slower road. (route 16) last year we used to stay in Gorham and go up on 93 and it might have been faster. ? Just wished I could have stayed over.
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No Lake effect at Sugarbush in March... the lake is frozen. But the storm parked south of us, I wouldn't be the least bit supised if they got 6".
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Does anyone think Wildcat would be a good bet for Saturday?

I still have not skied there so I would like to try it but not if it is crowded and skied off.
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I did suffer from WhiteFever yesterday. Plus I was having vision problems, I just couldn't see going into work!

In spite of the adverse comments I had from my children as they headed off to school, I made my way to Mt. Snow. I need to get in some days, so I "worked" Volly Patrol.

From the depth at my home, there was at least 10 inches and about 20 degree temps. Light and fluffy. At the mountain, It was better!

Reporting in at the summit, I was quickly assigned PDF A typical New England narrow black on the north face.

We haa! 'Rolling over the knees! choke choke! Hard to breath at times.

On my return to the summit with the "trail report" I suggested that the rope be pulled across the entrance as the reduced visibility from flying snow made the entire mountain a hazzard! Did I mention it continued to snow all day?

Soon I was out again, this time to check "The Trials" A favorite glade along side Olympic on the north face. Though I had to act in my professional capacity as I skied up to a gentleman who had caught a ski on some half buried obsticle and tumbled head first into a 4 inch diameter tree stub that had been cut into a sharped weapon, the snow was FANTASTIC, thin, but first tracks were rewarded with some very quiet turns!.

Then "Work" reared it's head. I pulled four codes yesterday with one guy a walk-in from the top. 235# guy, What a sled load! and all the way down the mountain. The first code was on FreeFall, while bracing that loaded sled down a lower pitch someone commented that I did a better job than the groomers! I must have been pushing 5 yards of soft snow in front of me. It was so light and fluffy, I needed that much to make resistance. (a hard base under the fresh). I'm stiff today!

At 2:10, I was sent out to "double check to see if we should open Rip Cord" Our "pucker factor" slope I think it's called 47 degrees "somewhere" There are a half a dozen turns on the face that a slip means a fast slide to the bottom. This run was "closed" but I believe someone was conducting tours down it, there were so many tracks. Great sking on the approach, with snow mid calf, but the pitch was a crown of ice, with all the snow slid to the lower third. Rocks showing as well. The new snow just didn't stick. The lower part was a delight. Too bad it is so short.

The South Bowl area was closed all day, as the spring time sun reduces that snow to grass early on. The new snow had been cat packed during the day to try and stabilize it as base. Checking out Big and Little Dipper, the packed stuff skied as buttery groomed, the snow was so soft. The trail edges held about 10 inches at the least. Great fun, but the area needs snow still.

A call at 2:51 in the afternoon was to Challenger, again the north face. We have adopted a "bullet" system where the first responder free skis to the scene, and then calls for a sled as needed. It helps to keep from running out of equipment at the summit.

I was given the the task of this rescue and had to make my way through Sweet soft snowy bumps all the way to the lower section. I almost forgot what I was going for! This patient was viciosly attacked by a tree on her way through Epiphany glades and luckily escaped with only a bruised thigh. Snow sends people into the woods like nothing else.

The snow started tapering off by days end, but it has dusted over night, and a bit this morning,

I would say we might get another week of great skiing, though even a foot of snow doesn't cover all the bones on a trail.

Admission of folly! While doing a bit of "poaching" under a lift, I skid over a solid chunk of concrete with several bits of twisted re-bar poking out at every angle. What was I thinking??? I could have been killed or even worse! Be careful out there, It's a jungle!

Trail closing, I was assigned Hop. A nice little run on the front that doesn't get much use due to a steep pitch at it's end before the runout. There was still lots of untracked snow at the edges, and the left side of the pitch was criss crossed a bit, but there were lot's of tracks to make!

I skied my G-4's. Very nice choice for the day. 173cm, and they still feel a bit short.

well, Thats the snow and ski report from beautiful southern Vermont.
Heck, It was snowing while I drove into work!


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Great report, Cal -- thanks! Anyone have any reports from southern NH?
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Come on me and bostonheel need some reports.

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