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Group bookings

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How do most resorts and/or travel agencies handle group bookings. (lets say summit county) I know they will give you a price per person but I'm not sure how it works. Do they give you a price such as 10-20 people will be one price, 20-30 will be another price, and so on. What about ski school. Lift tickets are usually cheaper for kids so do they give you this option... What if they give you all the info then you can't meet their minimum requirements...Just some info or a place on the internet would be helpful...thanks
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You should check out skitherockies.com.

You can email them at

They handle large ski groups and would be happy to explain any questions.

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To be considered a group in the industry, you must have a minimum of 10 double occupancy rooms booked at one time (20 people). The rates don't ususally go deeper if the group is larger unless it's a VERY large group of say 100+ and extra negotiation is done.

As for air, you need a minimum of 10 seats originating from the same departure city with the same dates to be considered a group.

Every group contract in existance will have a clause stating that if at any time you fall below the minimums, the price will change and payment will be required immediately or the trip cancelled.

Group rates can also be had for lifts and lessons, but will fall under the same minimums.
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