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Mt Hood: Review

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Hi y'all,

Many of you know the mountain, so this could just be a starter for those who are less familar -- maybe the regulars could address the questions, too.

Anyway, skied a Sunday there this month. It was a gorgeous day, though recent rain and snow left the conditions highly variable, with the icy parts (and I mean yep, the Eastern skier would consider it ice, too) were actually closer to the top, whereas the bottom section, esp. going to the secondary lodge/parking area, were fast and not crunchy. Only once or twice was a lift a bit long -- after lunch. Seemed fairly open after that and only modestly crowd, not much of a crowd at all, considering it was a weekend.

Cannot really discuss the food, as only had a bagel and hot cocoa. At least the chocolate had marshmallows in it and it stayed hot for a while, even outside. The lack of one of those protector slide-ons for the hands was unfortunate, though.

The double chairs and the runs close to the secondary lodge were good, in terms of less people, interesting views and decent snow. Mind you, I'm not the daredevil; indeed, I took rentals at 160s because they told me the snow was fast and it was. Usually I have 170s.

As far as mts go, Bachelor was probably a bit more threatening to me but both offer a good deal of terrain and views. The snow was better that week at Bachelor but my legs were more tired. Luck of the draw.

One thing to note: visitors at Hood but not Bachelor are expected to purchase some kind of permission to park a vehicle. I've not seen that kind of thing frequently. Also, rentals are only available at the main lodge, in the main parking area, which fills up quickly in the morning. There is a shuttle between the two, in case you miss the primary lot.

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In Oregon you are required to have a snow parking permit to park at a ski area. The permit helps pay to plow the roads & parking lots. You can buy the permit for a season or daily. Mt. Bachelor is the exception. (I'm not sure if they have an arrangement with with the state or if they have their own plows.)

Which area did you ski at on Mt. Hood? Mt. Hood Meadows has the best terrain & lifts. Timberline is famous for its lodge & summer skiing.

I am finding your evaluation of Mt. Bachelor interesting. In Oregon it is often referred to as Mt. Flatular & is considered mild terrain.
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Hoodoo is also exempt from the snow parking permit. Maybe it was the skiers she was with at Mt.B
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Pardon the omission -- it was Meadows. Saw the lodge of Timberline only from a considerable distance. Also, for those who have time/inclination to stop and smell the roses, they can stop and pick fruit (e.g., apples) on the way back to Portland. I only sampled the aroma, but it seemed good. (I'm more partial to cheese, so out-of-the-way wineries around Forest Grove, c. 45 mins west of Portland, was more my speed.)

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Everyone goes to Meadows! This is the most expensive place to ski in Oregon now. Yes it has great runs, but what good is that if you have to stand in line a long time, fight the damned traffic with the idiots who all want to get there 'first'! If the snow is good, Ski bowl has great runs too. The Outback at Ski Bowl is called Mt. Hood's best kept secret! Ski bowl is also the largest night skiing area in America.
Timberline doesn't have a whole heck of a lot of challenging terrain. Molly's Run is decent. The lodge is incredible. Historic landmark. Cooper Spur has only a T-bar and rope tow, great family ambiance, $15 day ticket. Meadows just bought them. They will replace the T-bar with a chairlift next year. There are also some rumors in the offing too, like a newhetop ridge, and a gondola across the top to Meadows. This might ruin the family air of Cooopur, who knows? Right now the place looks like something out of the late 50's or 60's!
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I"ve heard it called Mt Hood Ghettos by the local in reference to the punk snowboarder element.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Irulan:
I"ve heard it called Mt Hood Ghettos by the local in reference to the punk snowboarder element.


No argument there.
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