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Skiing around Buffalo?

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I'm going to be in Buffalo, NY for about a week in mid-March for work. I get one day off while I'm there and was wondering if there are any good placed to go skiing there. I seached online, and Holiday Valley looked descent. Any other areas I should look at?

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Some good things said about Holiday Valley and another nearby ski area in this thread:
One poster said HV compared well with Snowshoe and Seven Springs, if you know those two.
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jh, there are a number of ski areas within 1 hr of Buffalo. Holiday Valley in Ellicottville has the most variety and is the best put together resort among this bunch, in my opinion. Holiday Valley is 50 minutes from downtown Buffalo, and in addition to the local Buffalo and Canadian traffic, it also draws long weekend patrons from Toronto Canada, Erie/Pittsburg PA, Cleveland OH, and beyond. Holimont is a private ski club that is open to the public during weekdays only, also located in Elicottville. Bristol Mountain lies in the other direction, just over an hour away. There are a number of smaller local areas including Kissing Bridge and Tamarack, both of which are about 30 - 35 minutes from downtown Buffalo. Kissing Bridge and Holiday Valley has night skiing until 10pm. I don't know about Bristol.
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