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It is really getting warm at JH. Spring conditions on anything facing south or east by 11:00 AM. The snowpack has been thin this year, and the bare spots are starting to show up on the slopes with thin cover and southern exposures. By 2:00 the parking lot has a lot of action with locals leaving. Corn snow IMHO does not exist anymore on groomed slopes, out of bounds and off track might have some good corn, but forget it on anything with lots of traffic and groomers working the snow.

That being said it is still a fun time at JH. Get out about ten, take a long lunch on an outside deck, drink a few beers, and knock off by 2:30. Don't forget the sunscreen. I got a little red this weekend as the sun was absolutely blinding.

Best conditions are found up high and facing north. For those of you who might ski JH yet this year, don't be too disapointed. The terrain is still amazing, and this just happened to be a very poor snow year.