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Need a report from Sugarbush

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How is it looking at Sugarbush right now? I was thinking of making a pilgrimage up there this week or next. It's about a 13 hour drive for me (from VA), so I want to get some firsthand reports before heading up there. I would primarily be skiing at South, and if Castle Rock was open (and not hazardous to my new skis) that would be a bonus.

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New England is an iceskating rink at the moment, however there is the possibility of a storm later this week (Thursday?), so stay tuned. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother traveling up here (get a ticket to Salt Lake City if you can (stay at Extended Stay America in Union Park or in Sandy - $40/day with kitchenette).
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Not a skating rink here. There is ice in the traffic area, but the groomers are fixing that. The snow the other day left some nice fresh and the trees are still very good. We are due for incremental snowfalls all week, so with any luck, things'll get better all week.
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I would head out west, but my wife would kill me -- we're saving for a Hawaii vacation, and it would not look good if I flew off somewhere, even if it was cheap. However, a road trip to VT would probably be OK. Sugarbush has a $45 ski/lodging deal that looks great. It's my favorite place from many years ago, so I'm anxious to get up there and see the old girl. Plus, the ski season is pretty much over here in VA -- it's going to be slush and mud for the next week or two before the slopes close down.

Ant, thanks for the report. I checked out your website, and I think you have figured out the ideal way of life!

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Sugarbush is still looking pretty good - we've been getting light snow every couple of days and when it falls on snow, it's been staying. Forecast for the rest of the week is 'winter trend' conditions with snow on Wed, Thur, Fri. Castlerock was not open this past weekend - if it does open I would think twice about new skis on it. Mad River is holding up well too.
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