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Atomic 9.12 sizing

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i was wondering what size should i get for atomic 9.12 im 5'6 145 pounds. im not sure if i sould go with a 160 or a 150. give me a cool guys thanks alot.
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It depends to a large degree how you intend to use this. My wife skied the 9.12 in 150cm and is now on the 11.12 in 150cm. She is 5'2 and just over 100 lbs, an expert skier and uses the ski recreationally in New England. She loves it. If you intend to use the 9.12 as your single all-mountain ski, then you should probably go with the 160. If you have a chance to demo, do it (these are usually easy to find for a demo).
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please guys reply to this. i was wondering also what do you guys feel about this ski for free riding and racing? thanks alot josh
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Go with a 160 for an all-around ski. It's excellent in the gates and really a lot of fun all over the mountain if you stay centered. The 160 will be a little more forgiving for you.
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I'm 6' 180pds on the 160 and love it for 'gaping' about the mountain. I'd like to try the 170 myself so if I were u i'd try the 160. The problem with the shorter lengths IMO is it's tricky to stay centered especially if u get air.

I don't know about racing but I have noticed the faster I go the better the edge grip
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I'm 5'11, 225, my 9.12s are 160. I doubt at my weight that 150 would be the best, but a guy at my local hill got the 150s and loves them(he is 6'0,about 175). If you like quick turning, hard carves, stability this is a great ski. It works very well at slow speed, but really shines when you crank them.
One area that should be addressed, the tails!!!! If you get in the back seat you will pay for it!!!!! Stay centered and they are a blast.
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Stats-180#@5'10". Ski on a 150cm Rossi Race Carve w/ lifters. These guys are right about the centering. Also uneven terrain might cause a bit of "ski dancing":0 However, if you want GET DOWN the 150 slaloms will take everything you give them(even on the ice). Yesterday laying down a rail in the gully between two small hills the ski was bent a little more than I was set up for and they shot me clear out over the next hill and onto the flats in a most awkward mid-air recovery. And by all means have lifters.
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