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Whistler/Blackcomb conditions

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anyone have a recent report? I am heading up next week...

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I'm here now, I'll report back later. Looked like spring today, +9C when I arrived, sunny, corn snow, bbq at dusty's. More of the same tomorrow I think.

System may be coming for next week but my crystal ball is out of order.
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What Skieast said. We are here too. But hey, its Whistler, so why complain! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Oh, and its REALLY warm, don't over dress!
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
Oh, and its REALLY warm, don't over dress!
Hi Lisamarie:
My family and I will arrive @ Whistler on Tuesday March 16. Weather report looks like there may be some snow/rain coming. How are conditions for you taday?
Also I was wondering if:
Verizon cell phones from US work @ Whistler and if there are any free WI-Fi hotspots in the village.
Any recommendations you have will be appreciated.

Have fun,
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Hi Gotama,

Lisa and I just got back tonight

We got not a bit of snow all week - they claimed there was 2cm Wed or Thurs night but you'd never know it. Maybe it put a bit of fresh cover on the hardpack. In sunny areas it was nice soft spring conditions. Top of Blackcomb Glacier was great, 7th Heaven was great. Horstman glacier was pretty crunchy from not getting as much sun. Over on Whistler, it was kinda hard and crunchy. Don't ski down low unless you like cranking turns in mashed potatoes.

Verizon cells will work fine, they're CDMA digital and should roam on Telus. If you have a GSM phone it will roam on Rogers or Microcell (Fido).

I couldn't find any hotspots, but I didn't look hard - when I couldn't see any wifi from the deck of the condo, I looked for dialup. Whistlerweb at www.whistlerweb.com has decent deals on temporary dial-up accounts. 1 week for $25 CDN.

There are also internet cafes all over the place. Maybe some of them also support wifi.

So it's springtime in Whistler. Still a lot of good skiing up top. Enjoy!
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I just got back a few days ago. Rained monday night (3/8) and then went below freezing. It warmed up to about 8-10 C everyday and got below freezing (~ -3 to -6 C) everynight. Most stuff didn't soften up till around noon and that was only the very sunny areas. Can't say much on Whistler was worth skiing. The glacier was by far the best skiing; top half was good all week.

If it starts to stay above freezing overnight; I think it will yield some nice spring corn. Coverage in a lot of upper elevation places was good when I left; particularly because much of it wasn't skied by anyone.
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I get there this Saturday. Any more recent reports?
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