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Did anyone ski Vail Sunday?

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I saw the snow report said something like 15 new inches of snow, how was it?

Well I wonder where that skier's bound. Is there some run, somewhere, someway out there that I've not found?
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My landlord and his girlfriend skiied Vail on Sunday and said that the snow was fantastic. He also said that the lift lines were at least 45 minutes long. Mrs. Skicrazy and I actually made it to the West Vail exit before turning around after seeing the traffic jams trying to get to the resort. We went to Ski Cooper and skiied their 6" of fresh all day with no lift lines. I heard on the news last night that the Vail ticket office set some kind of a one day record for sales on Sunday.
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That's pretty crazy, I was at Copper all weekend and as usual the front side was mobbed, but the back side was empty. Crazy huh? Do you know if the back side of Vail was way crowded too? A friend of mine just told me they had more like 6 inches at Vail and that the snow report was greatly exaggerated.
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no, had two friends from Denver who drove out Saturday for 2 days of Wasatch gold who are so glad they made the trip. Alta was Fantastic today.
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We skied Vail Sunday. I got the e-mail in the morning before we went and thought it was a typo or something. Not a typo, I skied powder up to my knees in Blue Ski Basin, if you stuck to the front of the mountain you were sking in 3-8 inches of pow, depending on how high up you were.

We were lucky enough to get first tracks on a couple of the runs in Pete's bowl, what a great day. As far as the lifts wait times go, we never waited more than five-ten minutes all day, but we weren't skiing the more populated front side.

Just another great day at Vail.

Make it steep and deep!
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