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Any southern B.C ski maps??

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Can anyone tell me if there is a map (online) with a layout of where Kicking Horse, Fernie, Red Mountain are in proximity to each other??

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topographical maps, may not have Canada, but it may.


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If you want distances and driving times, go to mapquest and type in the following addresses:

892 6th Avenue
Fernie, BC VOB 1M0

1919 Columbia Ave
Rossland, B.C. VOG 1Y0

I had an address in Golden, B.C. that worked, but I've misplaced it--no snow up there, from what I hear, which is probably not true any longer. So go the the tourism website for Golden, pick out a street address and input it. Incidentally, mapquest is very cranky about Canadian postal codes, or maybe I'm bad an inputting them.
I tried to get a guy at Silver Star to give me a read on the road from Kelowna to Rossland, but he professed ignorance. But winter driving conditions are definitely a factor to consider.
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If you can't find the info at Mapquest, a good road atlas will give you all the resorts on it as well as the distance between resorts.
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This should give you what you want:
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Here's a pretty good one at . Kicking Horse is lose to Golden, Panorama near Fairmont, Red near Rossland, Big White near Kelowna, Silver Star near Vernon, and Sun Peaks near Kamloops, and Apex near Penticton. Fernie and Whistler are at their town's namesake.
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