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Look bindings pivot 10 and 11

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From what I understand the Pivot 11 is no longer made. Your choices are the Pivot 10 with a max DIN of 10, the Pivot 12 with a max DIN of 12 and the Pivot 14 with a max DIN of 14. The Pivot 12 and Pivot 10 come in 3 flavors: basic, Lifter and MaxPlate. The Pivot 14 comes in basic & MaxPlate only. There are no differences between the 10, 12 & 14 versions of each flavor except for DIN range.

The basic model comes without any lifters to elevate the toe and heel higher. Because the toe is lower than the heel on Look Pivot models you end up with a slight forward lean. The Lifter models come with a lifter on the toe and heel. The heel lifter elevates the heel an extra 6 mm while the toe lifter elevates the toe to be level with the heel. The extra height and having the toe & heel level is generally worth the extra cost. The MaxPlate elevates the bindings an extra 4 mm above the lifter models and provides some absorbtion of vibrations.

How effective the MaxPlate is is a matter of debate. I have MaxPlates on one set of skis and T-Plates (Rossi's name for the same feature) on another pair of skis and love the set-ups but I'm not sure if I would have noticed any difference if I had Lifter models of the same bindings. Generally, they recommend the plate versions for skis that are mainly used for groomed conditions and lifter versions for other models.

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Look bindings pivot 10 and 11

I was wondering what the differences were between the p11 and p10. Is the only difference the DIN settings? I only ask because I can find barely anywhere that even has a picture of the p11's. They seem like they aren't sold too much, and I have seen it advertised for women. Can someone please sort this out for me?

Also, what is a lifter. It says it has one, but I don't really understand what it is...
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All I know is that I love my looks! I have Nova 10 maxplates. They're great. They release when I need them to, never had a prerelease (even jumping) and with the maxplate, you can really crank the turns.
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If you are being offered last years Pivot 11 Lifter at a cheaper price than this years Pivot 10 Lifter I would go for it. From what I can tell there isn't anything functionally different between the two except the DIN range is 1 higher in the Pivot 11.
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I found a site that sells the p11. Should I get it instead of a p10 if it's cheaper than the p10?

Thanks for the great explanation.
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