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Blackcomb glacier

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Anxious to get my first turns in for the year and thinking of heading up to ski the glacier on Blackcomb regardless of the dry conditions. Anyone been up there? How was it? Rocky?

I figure that may the glacier might be still decent inspite of the lack of snowfall, though the other parts of the mountain obviously will be pretty marginal.
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Had a friend tell me the conditions there were horrible...rock hard. I'd suggest waiting it out.....but its your call.
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Skied there for two days: 7,8/12. I was surprised by
pretty good conditions in places where the snow exists.
The snow is hard but manageable before ~11a.m and pretty soft
after. Actually, ideal conditions for skiing strictly
fall line with no turns(no bumps accumulated even with existence of many boarders).
The BAD thing is that most parts of the two mountains
are snowless and so closed. Very limited number of trails
are open officially(though it can be found some closed but
skiable ones).
To those who is familiar with Snoqualmie, WA, place I would say that currently Blakcomb + Whistler ~=(more or less) Summit Central with pretty good groomed cover.
Overall, taking into account price of 2-days ticket(50$US)
and cool places to relax - the trip was worth of it.
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Thanks for the update. I never did make it up this weekend after all. Which is just as well because the forecast this week is for snow all week long, woohoo! [img]smile.gif[/img] I'll see if I can sneak away up there this coming weekend though.....
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