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If You Have Skied at Andermatt, Switzerland....

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If you have been to Andermatt, Switzerland, please review the skiing terrain, snow, town, lodging, etc. Would you go there again? Do you recall which company made your travel arrangements?
Do you think Andermatt has a good variety of all terrain types? Any reviews and info would be helpful. Thanks.
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I skied Andermatt 4 years ago for one day while staying in Engelberg(one hour away). We skied some great in area couloirs on the front side. There wasn't enough snow that year to ski the backside off piste but the potential is huge. My friends I was with have skied there alot. Andermatt is known for its abundant snow and severe weather(high winds). The town sits in a narrow valley and is kind of dark in the dead of winter. I was there in late Jan. THere are some beautiful chalets in town and it is definitely not overly touristy. The principal lifts are two large aerial trams one above the other each about 3000'vert. Total vertical is about 6000' if I am not mistaken. Andermatt is the birthplace of Bernard Russi, the famous swiss downhiller, who has designed most of the great contemporary downhill courses in the world. If you are looking for ski areas near Zurich(central Switzerland) I would encourage you to check out Engelberg. Great town,6600' vertical skiing, reasonable prices,nice restaurants, and sun. We stayed at the Bellevue Terminus, across from the rail station. Two hours or less by train from Zurich. THe Hotel Hess is very good though a bit pricey. They do have rooms w/out private bath that they don't publicize that are quite reasonable. There is a fancy restaurant in the Hotel Hess that is one of the top rated in all of Switz.Both of these areas are are mainly patronized by the Swiss. I loved the off piste in Engelberg. There is also good intermediate cruising and some good bump skiing. Crowded on weekends, quiet midweek. Happy Trails
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Thanks DonnyB,

6000' vertical and abundant snow sounds sweet to me. I haven't found any tour operators with deals to Andermatt yet. Your advice about Engleberg is interesting. Most reviews of Engleberg say that "on-piste" is very intermediate to easy terrain. I'd rather avoid hiring a guide to save money and find challenging terrain "in-bounds" instead. Do you think that Andermatt would be a good "in-bounds choice"? When you went to Andermatt, did your friends do the guiding to access the steeper terrain or was it there in plain sight?

I hope your Woody Creek becomes Deep Snowy Creek soon. I'll bet you know a few OB routes around Aspen that are awesome! Enjoy!

Any other Andermatt or central Swiss area visitors out there?
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The terrain we skied at Andermatt was in plain sight but there was some definite route finding involved to access the goods. I'm not sure that I would have gotten there without my friends prior knowledge. You definitely would benefit from having someone show you the ropes. locals? Andermatt has some really big time,big mountain skiing. It has been a stop on the profreeskiing tour recently. You wouldn't want to attempt skiing off piste alone. Ditto for Engelberg. Great off piste with easy access. Lower mountain. The Laub-4000 vertical feet at 35-40 degrees. great powder run. Upper mountain. Under the Titlis Rotair-The Steinberg- a great bigtime glacier run,routefinding,glacial features-blue ice,crevasses etc. the whole world is watching. Off the back of the Steinberg-the Galtiberg-6000+vert offpiste. Worth getting a guide or hooking up with locals.Check with the Snowboard shop at the Bellevue Terminus.Great local riders hang out here. There were very few local ski bum types in Engelberg. We had the off piste to ourselves with few exceptions.
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