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Hitting NH this wkend..

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Going to Loon mtn on Sat and Cannon Mtn on SUnday. I was just wondering if there are any reduce ticket places for either of these mtns? We're staying in Lincoln so if anyone knows of a place to get cheaper tics in the area I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance I'm looking forward to this little getaway..
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Most of the hotels in Lincoln have ticket packages included with the room. Otherwise, Loon discount, weekend? Ha, Ha, Ha. It don't happen.

A couple of pointers for you regarding Loon. Get there early. the lifts start at 8:00am on weekends. The best skiing is before 10:30am. You want to be out of the lower areas by 9am. Ski the upper mountain until 1:30 or 2. then head west to the Kanc quad. This is a Holiday weekend, MLK. They are charging holiday rates. It will get crowded. Most of the skiers take off around lunch. You will get plenty of turns in if you stick around. The lift lines are shorter early and late in the day.

You used to be able to buy your tickets the night before, call the mountain and see, 603-745-8111.

Saturday pm. there will be cat rides, 3pm, a torch light parade and fireworks at 7pm.

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Thanks for the pointers Jim. Appreciate the help.
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definately a long shot at finding reduced tickets during a regular weekend, let alone a holiday weekend. good luck!

i never ski during holiday weekends, but i imagine you'll be fighting the crowds. although, cannon is usually far less crowded than other mountains on any other weekend and is probably an excellent pick for a holiday. be sure to hike over to mittersill to escape the crowds and (hopefully, if there's any left!) find some fresh snow.
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Actually, I was at Loon yesterday. Very cold but good hard snow cover and not crowded. OK, it doesn't have a lot of charm, but it's got good vertical, nice views and great cruisers. My favorite section is the 'North Peak' Triple Chair area - particularly 'Upper Walking Boss' - I'd head over there in the late morning and plan to eat lunch well after 1 PM either at the 'Camp III' lodge or at the top. Later in the afternoon, the 'Kank' Quad works out pretty well (better late day sun). 'Rumprunner' is a surprisingly interesting trail/slope - no bumps to speak of, but moderately steep with big turtle-back mounds and multiple fall-lines. Anyway, dress warmly!
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Most ski areas offer 2-day tickets at a reduced rate. Also, Wildcat's lift tickets used to be a good value, but I haven't been there in a couple of years. I prefer Wildcat over Cannon, but both have some great skiing.
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Originally posted by DC_Skier:
Most ski areas offer 2-day tickets at a reduced rate. Also, Wildcat's lift tickets used to be a good value, but I haven't been there in a couple of years. I prefer Wildcat over Cannon, but both have some great skiing.
Wildcat is no longer a good value, and the skiing is nowhere near what it was even ten years ago. A day ticket costs over $50 for a mountain where no new trails have been cut in 30 years or more. Wildcat used to be my family's home mountain but we made a decision to bag them three years ago, when on the day after an 18" dump they had groomed all but 4 trails, two of which are uninteresting liftlines. What was once a fantastic mountain for bumps and powder is now an overpriced cruising mountain catering to the wrong people.

The base area is much too ascetic for the "cruiser" type of skier (the type who would swear by sunday river or okemo), but the mountain has become too grooming oriented to satisfy the taste of anybody but a "cruiser."

They would have to change ownership in order for me to even consider going back. The only other way I would consider going back is if I did Tuckerman Ravine on a sunday morning, and then did Wildcat's $15 sunday afternoon, but that is rare enough to not even count. There are so many better ski areas around. It's really a shame because Wildcat used to be one of the best Mountains in New England, back before the Katzensteig Trail was abandoned.
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Cannon Mountain! Haven't gone there in almost 30 years! Next day trip to NH - that's where I'll go! As far as Wildcat is concerned, it's also been a very long time since I've been there - You may certainly be right, but I'll have to revisit it for myself sometime soon. (Awesome views of Tuckermans, if I recall though!) Speaking of NH, what about Attitash and Bretton Woods - I've never been to either!

PS: Don't care for Okemo, never been to Sunday River, love Sugarloaf, Stowe and MRG.

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