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Volant chubbs !

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I have to say i spent a lot of time searching for that Perfect powder ski.at least the perfect ski for me. After demoing and asking my fellow bears for advice I bought the chubbs. They are new chubbs in a 178 cm and mounted Salomon 912 ti bindings.I think they will be a great addition to my K2 modx
Now I just need Phil to send me the paper work to join The volant Lovers of America Club. Then show me the secret handshake and I will be all set.
I'll post my impressions on the chubbs soon.
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Its not quite that easy...
To join, you need send the following...
1) Proof of intent
2) crimimal history (tho longer the better)
3) a spork
4) stool sample, preferably bar or foot (leather)
5) a check or money order for $74.95 (made out to cash) to cover your first yer dues.
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#1. I intend to Hide them from my wife as long I can.Besides in deep powder she will never "see" my new chubbs.
#2. I'm in the wittness protection program
#3. Ok you got me what the hell is a spork?
#4.to hell with a stool sample.I'll take you to a bar that was a hang out for Butch Casidy and The Wild bunch.
#5.The check is in the mail.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Utah49:
[QB#3. Ok you got me what the hell is a spork?

A spork is a spoon/fork (Imagine a spoon with teeth) ...if you want to see one, just go to KFC.
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Gee and I was thinking a spork was something from or someone from a Star wars movie.
besides I'm not allow sharp objects. Spoons only No knifes or forks.But I will ask about a spork That might be allowed.
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