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How are conditions in Aspen?

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Headed out end of this week, anyone had recent experience. The snow report looks thin.
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Aspen mtn's going off. Super high temps, skiing in t shirts. Start on spring pitch to 5th ave. Dumps @ 10, queen and ridge @ 12, glades, face and jackpot all afternoon. Get here soon or it will be gone.
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Just got back from Aspen this past Saturday (3/20). Temps were in the 60's at the base last week. Snow is disappearing fast. Ungroomed areas were started to get trashed. I was skiing all groomers by the end of the week.
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The clouds came in last night over Aspen and it never froze up. Then it rained this morning and now the bottom 1/3 is rotting out. Highlands closed the bowl and steeplechase, after the fingers slid to the road.
The tops still skiing good down to the face and the groomers are still going strong. But its looking bad for next week if we don’t get a hard freeze soon..
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From the webcams it looks like highlands got about 2 inches last night and that snowmass go half a foot of new snow. None of this is reported on their web site, but interestingly the weather station reported about 8 hours of 99% humidity at 27degress last night. It appears from the outlook that these sporadic showers will continue.
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We got 4" at the top Tues. & Wed. night. But it rained up to top of 1a. Corksrew slid big across the road and now all of the front and the dumps are closed. Bell is still skiing pretty good but we need cold temps and snow soon.
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It finally froze solid Thursday night and skiing was very good Friday. Saturday was the beginning of a storm with only 4-5" over rock hard crust.
Some good skiing to be had, but hard in spots.
Sunday was very good with 8-10" more. The dumps finally openned with about 16" over fairly small bumps.
They should have pretty good skiing for the rest of the season now.
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I was at Snowmass on Tuesday and Wednesday. I could still find some powder up top and then got more spring-like as I got halfway down the mountain. It was some great riding, just stay out of the shadows. I got a fantastic bumps lesson from Marco on Wed. I wish my legs could have lasted longer. I still can't believe some of the terrain he had me comfortably riding down. Fellow women, if you want an instructor to teach you how to snowboard from beginner to bumps, Marco is the guy for you!

It is going to snow in the Central and the Sangre de Cristo's tonight. Supposed to get up to 16" in some areas. It's raining down here in the Front Range but snow line is at 6700'.
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