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Vail - Marriott Streamside at Vail Condos

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Do any of you Vail locals or others familier with that area know anything about the Marriott Streamside at Vail Resort? Specifically, I'm interested in whether it's a decent resort, and how far from the ski resorts the Marriott Resort is located. Thanks!!
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I never stayed there so I can't comment on quality. I think the Streamside is a mile or two from the mountain. Vail does have a shuttle service. You might check the city's website for route maps: http://ci.vail.co.us/. If you're looking at Marriotts there is one right by the gondola, next to the outlying parking on frontage road. That looks pretty nice and you can't complain about the location. I think it's called he Mountain Resort or something like that.

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Thanks Dan!! Anyone else???
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Hi Coach- I have stayed at the Marriott at Lionshead (also called the Mountain Resort) several times - I lecture at a meeting that is held there every year, and will be up there again in a week. It is really nice, but has become very expensive (luckily, I don't have to pay since I'm on the faculty!!) 2 minute walk to the lifts (for someone who lives at altitude, anyway!). The Streamside is, I think, a Marriot timeshare property, and is located about a mile or 2 down E. Frontage Road from Lionshead near the Cascade area. I have never been inside- I only ended up there once by mistake, thinking it was the other Marriott our first time there- but looks nice from the outside, and the units are evidently bigger than what you get at Lionshead, with complete, rather than efficiency, kitchens. There is a lift (cascade express) that is near there that will get you up on the mountain, but I am sure that there is also a shuttle to Lionshead. It will be a little more isolated from the village (may be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your viewpoint), but will also probably be priced much better than the Lionshead property, where the condominium rooms have become outrageously expensive.
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Hi Coach13-
The Marriott Steamside is a time share operation. It is about 2 miles west of Lionshead on the South Frontage Rd. It does provide pretty regular shuttle service to both Lionshead and Vail Village.

The A,B,C,D (Aspen, Birch, Cedar, and Douglas) buildings are a bit older, but still fairly nice. At least better than a basic hotel room. The E (Evergreen) building is much newer, and has some really beautiful places. There are indoor pools, saunas, hot tubs, etc, but no restaurant on premise. Shopping at the Safeway or City Market (both super markets) is less than a 5 minute drive, just on the other side of the freeway. I believe the shuttle will also serve that. Most of the chain/fast food places are within a 5 minute drive to, as well as a very good Sushi place and a good Chinese restaurant.

As dp mentioned, the Marriott Mountain Resort is just a few hundred yards from the base of the Gondola and CH 8 in Lionshead. Recently renovated, it has really been done nicely, but the price tag will give you heart failure (better make sure you are there the same time as dp's meetings... )

The only children's ski schools are at Lionshead and Golden Peak (the far side of town from either Marriott). Rental shops, restaurants, and other shopping are spread out all over Lionshead and Vail Village. The intown bus service is free, and pretty good. It'll pass by about every 6 minutes or so.

I hope this info has been of help! If you have any further questions, either add to this thread, or PM me.

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Ric and dp

Thanks for the info. My main concern was how far from the slopes the Streamside property is located. We'll have a car so between that and the shuttle we should be ok. It took awhile to get an opening anywhere out that way. So, when this property came open we jumped on it. Most Marriott timeshare properties are pretty good.

We will be there from 4/3 to 4/10 and hope to ski as much as possible while we're there. Any good deals on lift tickets out that way that would enable us to ski several different resorts?

I'm sure I'll have other questions later. Right now my biggest challenge is holding my 2 boys off until it's time to go. They've spent about 2 or 3 nights checking out the Vail and Beaver Creek trailmaps, as well as Breck, Copper, and Loveland. I'm sure we'll have a blast. I'll probably post later to see if anyone's available to make some turns that week.
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For lift ticket ideas, check out this thread:

cheap lift ticket thread

I'm sure the prices are much lower when you are coming out. I don't have my book here or I would check.
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Coach- it actually becomes pretty cheap by April. You should sign up for Peaks (the Vail frequent flyer program) to get the best price, and buy tickets in advance, which you can do online (go here ). Look here for Vail prices and here for Breck (I think Keystone is the same). The Vail ticket is good at any of the Vail resorts, including Beaver Creek and A-Basin (even though it is not officially a Vail resort, vail passes are good there). Although A Basin is even cheaper in spring, their cheap prices don't kick in until April 11. Until then I think it is about $45 for adults, about half of that for kids, so it may be cheaper to use a multi-day Vail pass.

[ February 22, 2004, 10:28 PM: Message edited by: dp ]
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Thanks for your help. I signed up for the free Peaks cards and will order my lift tickets soon. By Mid Atlantic stardards it's a great deal. An adult 5 day pass is around $170 and the kid pass is about $125. According to their site you can ski Vail, BC, Breck, Keystone, and A Basin so it should be great. I also want to hit Copper and Loveland for at least a day but with kids convience is key so we'll see. This is our first trip out that way so I'm sure we'll think it's great no matter where we ski. Thanks again.

BTW, if you or anyone wants to meet up during the week of 4/3 to 4/10, let me know.
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Vail SnoPro and others

Where exactly are the ski schools on this map


is there one ski school that is better or more
convenient than others?

thanks in advance
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Coach, Leave the car at the Hotel and take the free bus that runs every ten minutes, the parking is awfully expensive in the lots and everywhere else will get you towed. Rick will tell you that. I do know for a fact that the ski school at Golden Peak on the East side is very convenient and good. Easy to get to also.
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Whitney- the schools (all run by Vail Resorts) are at each of the bases, near the lifts, and are all pretty convenient to get to, although the Village base is a longer walk through town. Once you get there it will be pretty obvious. I would ask Ric, Vera, or other Vail pros here on epicski about the virtues of one place vs the other. If you get a chance to ski with any of the pros from Vail who frequent this list, jump at it! I know that Ric is usually at Lionshead.
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Do either of you guys know how far the Marriott-Streamside (Aspen Bldg) is from the Cascades Express lift? Is it walking distance?
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No, the Cascade lift is about 1.5 miles (all uphill) from the Steamside... But the shuttle might drop there too.
But once you have ridden the Cascade lift, you still aren't anywhere you want to be. You will immediately be riding CH 26 up to Eagles Nest (top of the Gondola), and from there you can begin to spread yourself around the mtn.

To save time, get an early start, and hit CH 8 out of Lionshead (before 9am). It will allow you access to Ch 2 (Avanti Express) which offers many more options.

The ski school locations are all fairly accessible. Golden Peak (east side) and Lionshead (west side) are the only Children's Ski School locations. Both also offer adult pvt and group lessons. Vail Village only offers pvt lessons, with some group products offered at Mid-Vail at 12:30.

Regards, Ric
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If you're not staying at the Vail Cascade, Don't take the Cascade Lift. It only get's you to the born free run to the gondola i believe. as long as your on the shuttle, go the next stop or 2, which is Lion's Head, home of the Gondola and one of the kid's ski school. From my experience skiing in vail the first and second weeks of april and staying at the vail cascade, the bottom of the mountain can be a icy, slushy and muddy that time of year, while the top and back bowls can still be awesome. That side of the mountain gets a lot of sun and tends to burn out a little quicker than the rest. So unless you're at the vail cascade resort, go to the lion's head gondola.
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