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Best resort to ski by day and night?

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I'm planning a trip for early January and only get the opportunity to go out west once a year (I'm a poor college student from the South)so, I like to go to resorts where I can ski for 12 hrs a day. I like to get 6 days of 12 hr skiing in, then hobble to my flight back to Atlanta and pass out for about two days and start hoping I can find a job in ski country after graduation. If you all could give me any information on resorts well suited for my trip (keep conditions in mind during the january time frame) it would be appreciated. I've been going to Summit County to hit various resorts during the day and then tear up the groomers at lightning speed during the nights at Keystone. Is this my best bet or does anyone know of better. How is Summit in early January????
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keystone, period.
extensive night-skiing and access to a handful of wonderful mountains. was there in the spring and pleasantly surprised at the skiing available.
as far as weather/coverage, hard to predict that ANYwhere.

others here from the area might give you more info re general weather pattern history.

we stayed in keystone and were happy for it - quick little hope to breck or a-basin, but seemed like lodging options in dillon, as well, and of course breckenridge.

some night-skiing, too, in utah (park city and brighton, i think)(i'll be corrected if wrong on the brighton part), but nothing like keystone nighttime. <FONT size="1">

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ditto Keystone
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Keystone is it. Try looking at www.vrbo.com for cheaper lodging...It's a site for owners to rent out their properties without using an agent to steal their money and charge you more. I've used VRBO with 4 different people in 4 different resorts and had nothing but great luck.
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Yea, Keystone isn't great compared to other resorts in the area during the day, but at night there is nowhere better in the country. A nice portion of the park, and the pipe are open at night so after a full day on the steeps at breck, or a-basin, or winter park, or berthoud, or whatever you will there is no better place that keystone.
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You must be fit to be able to ski 12 hours a day! No way I could handle that, especially for more than one day.
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Keystone is probably your best bet, but there are a number of alternatives you should know about. ... First, there are two other night skiing areas in Colorado that should be mentioned. Silver Creek(Sol Vista now) is a small but very well put together night skiing area. It has a very smooth high speed Leitner quad on its main mountain that is never crowded at night. The 5(4??) runs are lighted much better than any of the runs at Keystone. It is only 1000 ft. vertical, but the good part is that it is easy to get in 10,000 vt./hr.. I never have been able to get in much vertical at Keystone. For flat out run and gun at night, I vote for Siver Creek! ... The other night ski area is Hesperus. It is about ten miles west of Durango and is small by western standards. Don't let the small put you off. I have heard it described as gnarly, and it is lit on 80% of its ski area. It is a real hoot after a day of skiing up at D.M.R.. ... Two other ski areas in the country deserve mention in the night skiing area. Park City has a real nice night skiing operation, but not nearly so extensive as Keystone(I would guess about half as much.). Given the fact that you can now purchase a lift ticket good for Deer Valley, Park City, and The Canyons, I think the choice for the Park City area has become much more competitive. The lift system at Park City is first rate and the new giant in the U.S. ski industry is The Canyons. It is worth checking out! ... The other ski area is Squaw Valley. It has a three mile long night skiing run that is serviced by its cable car. The Cable car is real nice on a cold night, but is a lot slower than an open lift. The run is a nice one, but can get boring pretty quick. I include it because of all of the wonderful terrain and ski areas in the vacinity and the fact that it is easy to get some terrific package deals through the Reno casinos. --- Hope you have a great season both night and day this year!!
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Keystone! Been there done that. Blast at night besides you can always shuttle or whatever to A-Basin or Breck during the day. Copper and Vail not too far away either. Good Luck! -DMR
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Well, now that the dust has settled, I want to mention what I think is the best option for your request. -- Jackson Hole meets all of your requests and a whole lot more. Snow King in Jackson has two lighted lifts at night that provide a little more than 110 acres of night skiing. That is exactly half of what Keystone offers(235 acres) and you will find that Snow King is a really good hill with decent vertical. As for Jackson Hole, it just may be that if you ski 'the Hole', you won't have a whole lot left for the evening hours. The blues up there make a lot of Colorado blacks look pale, and you probably won't encounter those traffic jams at the lifts that slow down the Summit county skiing experience. Add to that the fact that Grand Targhee is nearby with what may be the best snow in the lower 48, and you have a trip that will be hard to beat on any continent. Sure, Keystone still is 'The Best' night skiing hill in the country, but I am guessing that you are looking for a better vacation experience than just a repeat of Summit county. Hope you have the best ski season ever!!!
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I have been doing some looking around for the coming season and I would like to retract a statement that I made on this thread. I stated that Keystone was 'the best' night ski mountain in the country. Well, while pouring over possibilities for the coming season, I found Stevens Pass Washington. They have six lighted lifts with two of them being high speed quads. Of course I haven't been there, but a quick look at their terrain map indicates that the area covered is greater than that covered at Keystone. It is about 65 miles east of Everett, Washington, so this night skiing area could play prominently in a northwest trip that could include a couple of days at Whistler. There are always the negatives of Cascade snow and snow levels that may be as much as twice as deep as those in Summit County, but I think there just might be some good possibilities here. ---Good Luck!
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I second the Jackson Hole/Snow King suggestion. If you've already been to Summit County already, why not try something new? Although after a day of skiing Jackson, I couldn't even conceive of night skiing. I've never been so tired, it was all I could do to stay awake long enough to drink a few apres-ski beers. While Stevens Pass has pretty good night skiing, it's probably about a 5 hour drive from Whistler. As much as I love skiing at Stevens, I can't recommend a vacation there over Jackson (or Colorado for that matter).
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Thanks, Chronic, for your insight on Stevens Pass. Seems the old addage that bigger is not necessarily better holds true here. Sure is nice to have 'bears' spread out all over the world to share their unique insight with the rest of us!
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I just wanted to second bjohansson's plug for vrbo.com. I've had great experience with it, as well.
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Well Jason, I should be flogged for missing the one real alternative to Keystone for night skiing. I just recieved the Ski Utah brochure and Brighton lists its night skiing as over 200 acres. The night skiing area is serviced by a double, a triple, and a high speed quad(I just called to find out). With more than double the snow of Keystone, and a combo pass available that includes Solitude, this should prove to be very competitive with Keystone. I drove up there last year after I had spent the day at Alta, and I felt like I would have better spent my time at Brighton(I like intermediate terrain). Good Luck! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Reply to move topic to head of list for bteddy!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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