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Yeah - I'm with you Greg, the extreme variety of shapes is just better for all of us. You think about the choices of just 10 years ago compared to now. Ulta-fat skis, mid-fat skis, super shaped, less shaped, skis taller than you or skis barely longer than your boot; steel, fiberglass, computer chips . . . wild!

It will be interesting to see how race skis continue to evolve within each disipline. The fat tips and tails have virtually eliminated the already minute skid seen in the turns of top atheletes in the transitional phases of turn start/finish that existed even after the introduction of shaped skis to a certain extent. But at the same time -- the wider a ski is, the futher you have to travel from edge to edge, slowing down edge changes (though perhaps not enough to matter . . . or maybe just in SL? I don't know), also of course the wider a ski is, the further the edge is from being aligned directly underneath the center of the foot -- which even small changes in have been shown to change carving potential of skis on icy snow. But again, does it outweigh the advantages of radical shape? Since these guys/gals are currently going faster than ever, clearly the manufacturers are more on the right path than wrong, details will just continue to evolve.

Lots of questions I guess, it'll be fun as always seeing what they come up with!
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Helavaskier is right that skis are evolving. For as long as I've been skiing, skis have been getting shorter, softer and more shapely. The only exception to that trend was the reaction to the excessively short skis of the 70's. I think designers finally understand how to make shape skis work, and while there are more different shapes than ever, the design principles are the same for all. I was stuck with some pretty poorly performing shape skis 5 years ago, but the more recent skis have all been excellent at whatever their intended use was, and all of them (even the short slaloms) have been pretty versatile.
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Oh and as for taking some world cup race stock rossi sl's (or whatever comany you chose) onto the hill for free skiing... its really not fun at all... i tried it and its rather scary. they are made for racing at high speeds that are dangerous on the hill when people are around. But it deffinitly puts things in perspective for ya when yer on them...
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Do you remember the "GLM"? Remember "radical side-cut"? I remember the last time short skis were all the rage and then long skis came back and now I guess it's time for short skis again for a while. Ski manufacturer's marketing departments control you guy's minds like puppets on strings.
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I was going to reply to that with a very legthy post that described how lengths and sidecuts are chosen, and that there are mathematical formulas to determine turn radius, sidecut... etc.. but i deem that it isnt necessary... just marketing right... I use what works the best. Think about it.
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Yeah - thats it Powderdog. I resisted shaped skis like hell, but when I finally got the feel for them, realized I could tear the hell out of the mountain even harder and faster on them, and realized my ***** length wasn't connected to my ski length, I went over to them. But that must have all been illusion, all the complex arguments for and against them I was on both sides of, all the testing, all the reading, all the arguing pro and con . . . it was all illusion because what was *really* happening was my brain was just getting controlled like a puppet by clever marketing!

Thats it, you've got it! :
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Bode Miller will race selected SG and DH(probably in conjunction with SL in the combined event. Sorry it took so long to get back with this info.
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Originally posted by waxman:
Things change I'm pretty sure that there is no one here using a Commodore 64.
OMG! : I still have mine packed away in my closet! LMAO!
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Back to topic.

I feel there is a place for shape and straight ski's. Its a matter of what your comfortable with.

Never own rear entry boot, thought they were too weak for my type of skiing back then.

I like shape ones because of my knee's but I am bias to straight. I think all new people should learn on a straight ones first and then get to play on a shape ones.

Kinda like new skiers shouldn't have Poll's. :

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Why are skis getting softer? I understand the whole shorter/sidecut issue, but not the stiffness issue. I have always liked a ski that has a lot of snap in it out of a turn. I'm a heavier, stronger skier then most, and have always liked a stiffer ski. Once in a while I'll demo a couple of softer skis but I always feel like I'm skiing with fuzzy slippers on my feet.
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Basically because they can. In the old days the only way to make a ski torsionally stiff meant it had to be longitudinally stiff too. Modern design and construction means the ski can have a higher ratio of torsional to longitudinal stiffness - which means a more forgiving ski for the same (or better) performance. Add to that the changes in sidecut and consequent technique changes which place the emphasis on lateral movement instead of unweighting and fore-aft weight shifts (i.e. old style slalom turns).

Like you, I quite liked a stiff ski like my old Volkl slaloms. But there is no doubt that modern skis and techniques are better.
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