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buying skis in europe

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I'm going to ski alps this winter. In the case I want to buy skis in europe, are there any differencies in ski prices in the alpine countries (france, switzerland, austria, italy, germany)? I'm especially interested in volkl skis. Also, how much trouble is it interrailing with skis (possibly even longer distances, such as switzerland-holland)?

thank you
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You may want to rethink buying skis in Europe this year. With the US Dollar worth about .80 Euro plusthe VAT tax they charge it might be cheaper to buy skis here. I was going to buy some skis from Telemark Pyrenees. They sell skis at some vary good prices . However the strong Euro eat up any and all of the saving.
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You may find the best place is at home (is that holland?) Currently the chrapest place is the UK, because of the strong pound. Switzerland is traditionally the most expensive, and the cheapest will be Livigno in Italy, as it is tax free.
Any taxes will already be included in the prices, unlike some countires where the price you pay is more than the price on the item, but you'll know that already.

As for interrailling, I think you should be OK, but I haven't done it with skis before, so can't be certain.

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Next time I post I'll make sure I have already had my Morning coffee. RD lives in Europe
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