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people at keystone

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just wondering what in past years about how many people were going to be at keystone during middle march. and how about the night life at keystone.
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Can't speak about the night life because I always ski the 11 hours they are open and crash, but the crowds are another matter. Expect them to be real bad for that area. I guess if you compare their crowded days to crowded days in the Northeast, they aren't all that bad, but Keystone and all the other Summit county ski areas get real clogged up during the spring break period. Avoid the weekends at all costs. The crowds from Denver will cover the place up. Midweek will probably just be busy but tolerable. The front side will be most clogged up, with the back two mountains attracting less people. The problem is that the back mountains don't have a lot of lift options, so you will find a lot of bottlenecks on crowded days. --Hope you have a good time!!
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There is no real nightlife at Keystone. There is more nightlife in nearby Breckenridge.
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I agree with Feallen and AB, for the most part, but I don't think it's QUITE that bleak! Yes, it is busy during spring break, but most areas are, and the Summit County areas usually handle crowds pretty easily (with a few little bottlenecks and busy intersections, for sure). Keystone's extensive night skiing operation, unique in Colorado, provides more time options for avoiding the big crowds and eases the end of the day rush a little.

Keystone's night life is not its strong suit, but there is some. Still, a free Summit Stage bus takes you to Breckenridge, 15 miles away--the heart of Summit County's party and bar scene.

Early February or early April are better times than March if you want good snow and longer days, but don't like the crowds. But March is good skiing!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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There were a lot of them this Saturday there, but with the snow on the mountains and everything just oh so pretty, well it was quite alright. Sunday was a lot better.

Thank you for the snow, thank you, thank you!!! I'm guessing that we here in Colorado need about 80 more inches of snow to get to the point where we'll start opening some terrain. The forecast looks decent, let is snow!!.
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I've found that Keystone is the worst Summit Co area for lines. They have a lot of lifts on the boring front side, but their back 2 mountains only have a lift of 2 each. Plus, there's no real "expert" chairs. Breck has chairs that pretty much only advanced or expert skiers ride, so their lines stay shorter. Typically, mid-mountain lifts have shorter lines than the "super chairs" at the bottom. I think they've added capacity, but I can remember a 40 minute SINGLES line getting back to Keystone's front side from North Peak/the Outback at the end of the day. The Outback does have some nice tree and glade skiing, but there's nothing really steep at all.
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Hi JINC--you are right that Keystone can create some real bottlenecks on some of their lifts at certain times of day. But they did improve one thing that you mentioned--the new high speed lift that replaces the old Ruby fixed-grip chair that brings you back from North Peak. I can't say how much that has solved the problem--never skied there on a busy day last season (new lift's first season)--but it must have helped.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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