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Parking at Vail

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I went to use the first of my ten Vail days on my Colorado pass a couple days ago and was surprised to find my usual parking area, Ford Park, is now a permit only area. Were is the easiest free parking at Vail with easy shuttle service to the hill.
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There is a link to free parking areas on vail.com. Just got back from a long weekend (1/26-28). Good conditions considering. Pick up the grooming report b4 heading up. Its worth warming up on the cordory b4 heading for the back bowls once they warm up.
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From this link: http://vail.snow.com/twn.ga.parking.asp it appears the only free parking is along the frontage road AFTER the parking garages have filled up. I need to know this as I will be making 1 trip to Vail this year.
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VSP--I've heard of private powder stashes. Is this a secret parking stash?
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There is a small little park, on the North side of the N.Frontage rd, about 300 yds west of the pedestrian overbridge/ elementary school. Only has parking for about 15 cars, but very few people know about it (now you all do!) Takes less than 10 minutes to walk from the car to the gondola.
On weekends, you can park in the entry lot to the school as well. Then it's just a quick hike across the overbridge.

The ToV has made Ford Park and the Soccer Field lots paid parking this season... Why give it away when you can rip someone off for it?

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