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Nob's Nob vs. the UP

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I usually take a few smaller trips a year and usually head to Indianhead or somewhere else in the UP. I have been hearing many good things about Nub's Nob have any of you been to both. If so is Nub's Nob worth the extra 2 or 3 hour drive?
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I think I'd try out Bohemia (unless the "experts only" isn't appealing to you) or Searchmont.

Nub's does as good a job as anyone in the midwest of making and grooming snow, but the terrain is vertically limited. Of course, if the carferry to Ludington operated in the winter, the trip to Nub's might make more sense.
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Nubs is definitely nice... but definitely not nice enough to drive an extra 3 hours. Have you been to Marquette Mountain? If you are looking for a change of pace from the western UP areas, give Marquette a try.
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