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Best of Utah

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What's the best in Utah? Vert, terrain, pow, bumps, parks, apres, food, etc. I want all of your input.

Hey, Utah49, where do you ski?
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ummm lift the newspaper, climb out of culvert and focus, the big white things are mountains ..... no look up dummy, thats a salt lake, its bin there a while ...

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Where do I ski? hmm Lets see I have a season pass at Park City get to ski Deer Valley for Free have coupons for the Canyons and Ski Alta Snowbird and I really like Solitude. One of my Favorite Mountains is Snowbasin. I just wish it were closer to my home here in Park City. All The Mountains have thier own quality and Feel. If you want to log a lot of Vert go to Snowbird. Alta is just a classic I always seem to have a lot of fun when skiing there. I just have to remember to leave my Bogner ski suit at home when I go there. Park City Mountain Resort maybe the best all around ski Mountain in Utah with something for everyone. Just don't eat any of the on Mountain food. The Canyons can be Great I love doing laps of the Condor Chair. The south facing chutes are a blast if they have any snow. As for Terrain Parks I haven't a clue. I thought that the whole mountain was a terrain Park? By the way the South West Turkey Chilly is well worth the price of a lift ticket at Deer Valley.
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Ever ski Powder Mountain? It's pretty good. I would ski basin, but I don't have the cash. No no, the terrain parks with the jumps and rails and funboxes. That's the kind I was talking about.
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