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Vermont or similar resort tips for a mid-week Feb trip?

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Hi All,

Headed to Fernie, British Columbia for a week in March, and now I'm realizing it's just not enough ski time. I'd like to pull off a mid-week _economical_ trip up to Vermont (I guess Vermont) sometime in February.

In years past, I've had friends who rented a ski house at Stratton and would sublet it mid-week (they only go weekends) to me and my wife for $50 per night. Not sure if they're doing that again this year, but when I add in $288 for a three-day lift pass for my wife and I ($144/pp), my economical trip isn't so economical anymore, especially since my four year old would be enrolled in some sort of daycare/ski thing, too. I've been looking over their site and seeing they have some stay and ski deals that might work out a bit better:

"It is this easy: Purchase a three-day midweek (non-holiday) lift ticket for $144 and get two nights free lodging at the Liftline Lodge. (Per person, based on double occupancy). Lodging upgrades available for the Inn at Stratton Mountain and condominiums including the Long Trail House."

But now that's REALLY got me thinking. I know Stratton's lift passes are a bit up there in price--(it's not a bad mountain, in the context of distance to the Philadelphia area where I'm driving from, but they do try to position themselves for New Yorkers as 'upscale'). As a basis of comparison, their mid-week daily pass is like $60 per day!

If I cut us loose from Stratton in our planning (the draw was the ski house sublet) with the thinking that there's other multi-day mid-week ski-and-stay deals, does anyone know of some killer deals to be had at other areas? Again, mid-week, in February.

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If you just want to warm up for the Big trip, try Shawnee. Don't kill me on that suggestion.
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LOL. Was hoping to do a bit better ski hill-wise, but there IS merit to your suggestion.
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I think you should spend the $$$ on the Fernie side, maybe extend the days and take a side trip to Kicking Horse or even Kimberly is not too bad. Or much better than any Eastern skiing experiences.

LOL, I did warm up at Sterling Forest for my Vail trip, it did not help, nevertheless.

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I hear you. Would love 10 days. Don't have the option, work-wise.

Since you suggested it, I've been tossing it around, but headed further than just the Poconos doesn't just offer a bigger hill--it's also better conditions (such as they are compared to the Rockies, I know--but 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing).
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On the cheap and close to PA, try staying in the Catskills hit Hunter and Windham Monday thru Thrusday and Plattekill on Friday (they are only open Fri, Sat, Sun).

Check the websites for lodging lift packages (sorry I'm near enough that I am unfamiliar with the lodging choices).
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I'd go to Vermont. Stop at Magic - Stratton is so dull. But remember the lifts are primitive so make it a week day. This is a skier's mountain, very little to do after.

Then head north to Mad River Glen. The lift here is even more primitive (a 1948 single), but the mountain is the best in the East. Don't miss it. Waitsfield and Warren have some things to do and good restraunts and bars. Check the MRG web page.

From here you could also go to Sugarbush (I wouldn't) or Stowe. Stowe is a real good mountain and a great village.

On to Jay Peak - woods and powder!

These are my picks and this is a typical Vermont ski trip for me. I stay away from Killington (I do have a week day pass) and all of the slick areas.

Let us know and have fun.

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stay at your place at stratton, but ski magic [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] go to bromley one day for diversity, but after a day at magic... you might want to spend two more there rediculously cheap, especially on their mid-week deal days. back to the 70s day and their canned good day plus a regular mid-week day will cost less than $100 per person for 3 days on southern VT's best terrain.
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