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Car Rental in SLC

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So, on the advice of numerous Bears, I'm looking into traveling to SLC in either Dec or Feb, staying at a cheap motel and driving to the many awesome ski destinations daily there. Expedia lists lots of car rentals some "inside air terminal" some outside. Who rents cars most conveniently and cheaply? also what's the cheapest category of car that can still carry skis inside?
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I'll answer your question with a question: why aren't you coming to the Bears Meeting?

I use hotwire.com. They don't tell you which company you'll be using (but it's always Hertz). During three separate trips to SLC last year, I paid between $16-19 a day.

SLC Airport is amazingly convenient... the rental car area is directly across from the drop-off area. Absolutely no shuttle bus needed. Even amid all the heightened security last winter, on two occasions I was able to drop off my car at 3:50 (gotta get those last turns in) for a 4:20 flight and had time to spare.
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I rent there all the time. Hertz gold is the closest. Cheapest? It changes all the time with there yeild managment programs. I would stick with someone in the terminal, the real cheap ones have quite a bit of a shuttle ride.
Most economy cars have the rear seat that folds flat, so they work well for 1 or 2. If it snows a
lot get to LCC before 7am or they may not let you drive up w/o 4 wheel drive.
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Originally posted by SHREDHEAD:
If it snows a lot, get to LCC before 7am or they may not let you drive up w/o 4 wheel drive.
Nice catch, Shredhead... forgot that one.

Just make sure you have the winter driving skills to get safely back down the canyon in a front-wheel drive car with no snow tires. If it's snowing like hell and you can't get to LCC before 7 am, just drive over to Snowbasin or The Canyons. You may have less fresh snow than AltaBird, but also less people tracking it up.
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I'll echo what James said. If we are getting a big dump chances are you won't be getting up either big or Little Cttenwood canyons before 10 Am or noon anyway. The raods will be closed untill they do Avolanche work so might as well Drive over to The other side of the Wasatch and ski Park City The Canyons or Deer Valley. Another good choice but more of a Drive would be Snowbasin.
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A word to the wise.
Here in SLC the car rentel agency's impose a fee/tax to rent cars at the airport. I have been told it's something like 10%. If you want to get away from that, there are downtown locations for Avis, Hertz and Budget. Also Advantage, Thrifty and Enterprise have locations 2 miles east of the airport and do offer a shuttle service.
Avis's downtown location is in the Hilton Hotel, and Thrifty's is in the Sheraton City Cebter Hotel ( use the hotel shuttle to the Sheraton downtown location)
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TR is on the money. In SLC, on-airport rentals collect about a 25% tax and off are about 15%. I've heard that Enterprise is moving from off to on aiport right.
Also, to reiterate what some other folks have noted, both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons will sometimes limit vehicles to those with 4x4 or chains. If you're looking to get up on one of those "ecpic" days, be sure to take this into account!
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