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Breck, Keystone or Copper for lessons on 12/27?

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We are two families of 4 travelling to Colorado 12/26-1/1 (ranging from never-ever to once or twice.) We were able to get affordable accomodations in Beaver for 12/28-1/1 back in July and will probably ski at Beaver or Vail on two of those days. We are looking for the best place to take lessons on 12/27. Ski school at Beaver or Vail is just too expensive during that time frame. We are able to get a decent place to stay for a decent price for those first two nights at either Breck or Keystone or figured we could stay at one of the hotels in Frisco or Dillon should we choose to go to Copper. Any advice on which of the resorts would be best for taking lessons that day would be appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. We had also considered Snowmass but the drive from Denver seemed too far for just two nights.
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Knowing some of the instructors at both Breck and Copper Mtn., I would feel confident that both resorts would give you your $ worth. Copper is set up in a layout that, due to the terain, tends to keep the beginers away form the experts. Breck is basically a bunch of blue groomers and has a cool 6 pack chair on their teaching area.

This will be the Friday after Christmas, so it will be crowded at both areas.
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i have taken lessons at both keystone + breck and they are both good, but i would choose breck for 2 reasons.
1- there are more people in ski school at breck, so you are more likely to ski with others at your skill level and they move you up or down if you didnt geuss your level right.
2-there are lots more easy greens and blues at breck, keystone is a little steeper on the greens and may make it more difficult,
but once everyone is good on greens; head over to keystone and try nite skiing just for the fun of it.
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Hi, Rod!

You'll have a good time at any of the mountains you are considering. I teach at Copper now, after three years at Keystone, so perhaps I can help a bit. The level of instruction at all three places is equally high. Keystone is a fine mountain with a nice variety of easily accessible terrain. The downside to it is that it tends to get less snow than the other mountains in Summit County and the snow on the groomers is often somewhat skied off, hard and slick. Early in the season, when you are planning to come, that might be a problem, as much of the nice advanced terrain on North Peak and the Outback will likely not be open. There are also several bottleneck areas where power-wedging novices and mach-3 experts have to come together. This is often not a pretty sight.

Copper and Breck tend to get a greater snowfall. Because the terrain at Breck is quite exposed, it tends to be a bit colder than the other mountains you are considering and entails a bit more traversing to various runs. It has some wonderful runs, however, and you will likely enjoy it.

Given a choice, I would probably recommend Copper. As mentioned above, its terrain is naturally segregated so lower-level skiers and those more advanced are rarely fighting for the same slice of the mountain. All levels, including novices, have extensive and attractive runs to enjoy. The snow is consistently good and the layout is very user friendly.

If you do choose Copper, let me know! Love to ski with you!

All the best!


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