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WH2O and or Red?

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Got scheduled 4 ski days in Nelson at the end of Feb. and was wondering about the split of time between the two mountains. Or is 4 days enough? Also in the winter how much time driving will it take to get to WH2O from Cranbrook.
Thanks Doug
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Both Red and WH20 are great places. Tehy will take you back to the good old days of skiing. Since they are within an hour of each other I would check out what area has the conditions you're looking for. WH20 is the smaller of the two but is worth two days-lots of great hiking opportunities! Red has awesome trees. Nelson is quirky town that has excellent food, so does WH20. Rossland is neat too. I've skied all over Western North America and those are amoung my favorite ski areas.
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Doug, Nelson will take you about 3 1/2 hrs. on good roads .Thing is it can change for the worse real quick and take a 1/2 day or more .....but on the upside that also means snow and lots of it.
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