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U.P. Michigan

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Has anyone skiied much at Mt. Bohemia? Been thinking of making the trip from S.E. MI to ski Marquette (went to NMU one year and learned to ski at Cliff's Ridge) and Bohemia. They say you can even camp and my buddy has a big trailer.
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Nope, but after all I've read and seen about it I REALLY want to make it there this year, if not next. Please let us know if you have been there and what it's like...
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From what some of my old friends in S.S.M., Mich. have told me, the concensus is it's a goood idea to rent from Bohemia or have a TRUE set of rock skis to ride on. Unless the coverage is superb-great-huge base-massive year etc., you'll catch rocks on alot of the offtrail areas and some of the ontrail areas. Sharp edges are a fine idea too, as they mentioned real ice on one of their outings.

All that said and done, they all flat out raved about it's steep, challenging terrain and raw, untouched conditions, particularily after a big dump of light, fresh Lake Superior lake effect powder. Wonderful snow if you're lucky enough to be around to catch it! A few storms a year provide some good stuff that blows into the Boynes and Nubs Nob off of Lake Michigan in the L.P., I keep an eye out and catch them whenever I'm able. With Lake M. staying so warm and open late into the season, there were really some great conditions and snowfalls up there last winter. Hoping for the same thing this year!

I'm pretty sure they mentioned you could camp at Bohemia, pretty spartan conditions I believe. Sounds like a great time! If the sky is clear the stars will be just amazing up there. I haven't skied Cliffs Ridge since racing in highschool over half a life ago. I enjoyed it tho'. Terrain is so much better and more interesting in the Upper Penninsula! Perhaps I'll get to there and Mt. Boh. this year. Could be a plan! Good luck with it and tell us about Bohemia and your trip to da U.P. 'ay?

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I skied there last year and it was great! They had just gotten a fresh dump of snow. It is by far the best skiing i have skied in the midwest, and not far behind anywhere else. But i agree that you must be aware of the rocks. I took some good scratches and there was good coverage on the day we were there. If you go you will not be dissapointed [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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I've been there once and was impressed with the terrain. Conditions were not good. As the other posts have noted, a lot of rocks exposed, but then again the last two winters have not been good ones and I think the place has only been open for 4 years. The runs were longer and steeper than anything else in the midwest. Lutsen has some stuff as long and some stuff as steep but Bohemia puts the two together on several runs. IF you like skiing trees you'll love Bohemia. IF they have decent snow it's definitely worth the trip.
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