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Drive from Vegas to SLC

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Just curious if anyone has done this. I have some buddies meeting me in SLC for my March trip and at least one is driving from Vegas. Just curious how long/rough a trip it will be.
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Vegas to SLC is an easy 6 hour drive , north on I-15. Watch out for construction in the Provo area, 45 miles south of SLC. :
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Easy drive about 6 hrs If yo have time might check out Brian Head Resort just outside Cedar City (abouts 2/3 of way to vegas). Great Powder (400+ inches/year) and no crowds.
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I use to Drive from San Diego up to Park City.From My house to my Sisters house in Park City was a 13.5 hour drive.From Las Vegas it is a strieght shot up I 15 and a vary easy drive. The traffic is pretty light between St George Ut and Provo and if you have a lead foot it is tempting to put it to the floor just keep an eye out for the Utah hyw patrol.They are pretty damn sneaky.I also think that a stop in Brainhead Ut.is worth the effort.
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That's a no brainer drive big buddy. My friend used to make it all the time to feed his gambling monkey.

Easy squeezy - just make sure you don't drive if you're tired.
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u efer get to Utah to ski?

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Thanks for the great info. This is for my buddy that lives in Vegas and is driving up to meet me for my March trip to SLC. Should be getting my new boards this week (10.ex) so all you locals do the powder dance so I have something to play in.
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not just the locals, but every one please do a powder dance.
We need snow!
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