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Doing a ski trip to Gore, Whiteface, and Sugarbush :
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If you are going to be at Sugarbush you have to stop at Mad River Glen. Its only a few miles away!!!!

[ November 11, 2003, 09:25 AM: Message edited by: Ullr ]
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Pick me up at Exit 19 on the Northway (I-87). I'll be in front of the IHOP. I'm going outside now.
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Stowe > Sugarbush. If you're going to be in the valley hit MRG insted.
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MRG, but not now wait til there's snow and they open.
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Stowe > Sugarbush....

I assume you're talking about the amount of time spent in liftlines?
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No, I was talking about how Sugarbush's terrain. I always felt like I was spending half my day just getting from one lift to another, not skiing.

Stowe's liftlines were never a problem 90% of the time I skied there. Maybe holiday's got bad, but skipping them I never had to wait more than a minute or two.
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LLama -

I was a little defensive, but really only meant it to be funny. Everyone needs a local guide. If conditions are good, then you'd be able to find fun (for me = challenging) trails from every chair at SB. The routes aren't always easy from the trail map though - many skiers get stuck on a few "expressway" type trails, and the rest of us are all the happier.

I've only been to Stowe a few times on weekends (non-holiday). This was a few years agao, so I don't know if they have any new lifts in the past couple of years. The consensus of our group was that it was much more crowded (in the liftlines) than Sugarbush - just my impression at that time. I'd love to get up to Stowe midweek sometime.
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