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Help identify this ski!

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Greetings all. I rarely post in this section, but I have a challenge. I recently came across a pair of metal skis...steel really. I am fairly adept a ski history, but these guys have got me...and I find the technology inspired!
Around 210 cm, "cap" of a monocoque type profile of steel with an "I" rib running the length. The edges, rather than segmented and screwed are riveted throught the top. It has a sectioned riser fitted over the rib. Red with some black.
I figure around mid 1960's. This guy understood torsional rigidity and longitudinal flex....he could have shaped out the sidecut....but technique and technology go hand-in-hand...the reverse shoulder guys woulda crapped!
The pair I saw had mixed bindings...a defunct cable heel and tyrolia toe with a french wrap 6 foot long thong! Definitely unique!
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Bump...come on guys, one of you gotta know.
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No graphics of any sort?

Like cars of the sixties I thought I knew them all. The only metal skis from the early sixties that I recall with red were Hart Hornets, however, they were a junior ski and had no riser. I also think they were solid red.
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The all-metal skis were from the late 40s and early 50s. The one you describe is very similar to the All Magnesium ski except I don't recall it having separate edges (US Outdoor in Portland used to have one of these on display....I'm not sure if they still do).
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Thanks Rio...Rusty, I am going back for another look....better description.
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Robin, is it steel or aluminum? Is the side laminated, or covered with the top sheet metal, or can you see the sandwich if you look from the side?

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No side laminate Alex it is a cap...I will go over to my friends today and get a better look....wish I had a digital camera!
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Maybe Allais 60, made of steel in 1959=> by Rossignol. In my memory, they were all black, but variation could exist. Heavy skis, and fast too. I skied lent Allais 60 in 1977, I was 10...
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Thanks JB...I will look into that! Robin
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These are obviously not Heads or Harts, the two metalskis I associate with the early 60's. Head Comps from this period were really inspired, topsheet was 2 layers of aluminum with a sheet of rubber between them for dampening. Wonderfully flexible compaired to the stiff wooden skis I had been on. A pair of Harts I owned did have riveted edges but not the cap construction you describe. Allais skis, named for Emille Allais, come to mind. There was also another French ski called the Aluflex which did have a sort of aluminum cap costruction. (I think there may have been a ski called "AluSteel" also, but later, like early 70's Fischers) Something suggests to me that these are French skis. They might be even older than you think. I once owned a set of skiing magazines from the 30's thru the 50's and I recall seeing advertisements for metal skis in the late 40's, early 50's. These likely would have been formed with the top rib profile used by most wood skis of the day. They sound stiff, though. Head's genious was to create a ski that could flex easily and yet dampen vibration and still be torsionally stiff. I got my first ride on them at Stowe in 1963 and it was a huge difference from everything I had skiied on up to then.

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AluSteel has come up in conversation of possibility...they are definitely not Allais...one oldtimer mentioned "Gresvigs" (sp?). The cool thing is the vision, monocoque, riser etc. The old Tyrolia toe even has a flex adjustment...future shock absorbsion!
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I'm stuck on that one. Maybe Stockli (1957 onto 1965)? But riveted edges don't talk to me. Maybe older than 50's?
My 2 cts,
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No, it's unlikely to be Alu: they had no caps back then (my second pair of skis in 1983 was 20+ year-old AluSteel; they delaminated the same year). They were very dark brown, with "ALU" written on the topsheet. I also saw a 1970's model of ALU. It had no cap either... :

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