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Headed to Bridger/Big Sky this Weekend

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I am going to Bridger/Big Sky for a week coming this Saturday. What are the conditions like? I have been watching the weather reports and it looks like they are just getting dumped. Also, what areas of the mountains should I not miss? We plan on doing some backcountry as well, up from the tram at Big Sky and The Ridge at Bridger.
I am staying in Bozeman for the whole week, what after skiing establishments should I not miss there?
I am rather excited for this trip it is very hard for me to concentrate on work!!!

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Bridger got another 20+ inches Monday & Tuesday. The snow took a rest yesterday only providing a couple inches but another 4 has fallen so far this morning. Big Sky is reporting a foot in the last 24 hours. There is a huge storm lurking in the area today and more snow predicted off and on for the next 8 days. Skiing is great and the powder hounds are going broke from so many powder days so the lift lines have been minimal at both resort. Only problem with all the snow is the drive to Big Sky can take a while.

Since the skiing is great everywhere on both I won't get too specific about runs. On the powder days you ski Bridger & Big Sky be in line by 8:45. At Bridger head for either Deer Park or Bridger chair and ski the main runs a couple times until they're skied out. Next head to the high traverse and ski some of the runs off it. The south boundary off Pierre's Knob is another good place to find powder when the main runs have been trashed. If you want to hike the ridge keep checking at the Bridger chair on when it opens. Being the first down Apron on a powder day is an experience you'll always remember.

At Big Sky hit the tram during the week.....it can get crowded on weekend. I haven't been their recently but I've heard all the runs have great coverage. My favorite is to ski Marx or Lenin down to Shedhorn then ski runs on the Shedhorn chair until they're skied out. On weekend powder days I ski a few runs on Thunder Wolf chair then head to Shedhorn and Challenger chairs avoiding the tram.
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I've never seen Bridger with such excellent coverage. You'll have great skiing. You timed your SW Montana vacation perfectly.
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Yes... good timing, we are in the midst of a week long storm, another 10-24" yesterday and another 6-8" last night. Downside is there has been a LOT of wind.Also if you are Big Sky on Sat. beware... its Dirt Bag Day. It promises to be colorful and fun!!!
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Yes, you couldn't have timed it better. Rio is right, the lines have been non existent. Give a holler at the ski school, if I'm not teaching I'll take a few runs with you.
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Ric, will do!

I just hope my flight will be able to get in on Saturday Night. I will not be happy if I am stuck in Minneapolis, not that there's anything wrong with that
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Well it's cold and snowing again. Yahoo! I'm a monday through friday person, so I won't be there on the weekend. I'll look for you next week.
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