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Warm weather and skiing, how close?

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We travel with our large RV, a winterized 5th wheel trailer and a diesel truck which is unhooked for travel to go skiing,usually three weeks out West every Winter. When in Colorado it is a campground near Breckenridge and in New Mexico it is in Santa Fe or Taos.

If we could find decent skiing not too far from an area with winter weather temps in the 60-70 deg. range we would consider staying longer and changing up between the two.

New Mexico or Arizona would be ideal, traveling farther west from Ohio just takes too much time, I think. Why we are considering this is that campgrounds which stay open in winter are far between in snow country, and being couped up inside an RV for all the time we are not skiing gives us cabin fever, walks and other activities are just a temporary relief.

We would also consider moving the RV near a ski area for several days or a week and then moving back.

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Hi Ott,

Your request may be a little impossible to accomplish with the 60-70 degree wish. I live on the gulf coast, and we can't guarantee those kind of temperatures down here during the winter. With that in mind, I will try to respond to your post on a 'relative' basis.

Staying and skiing in the high rockies in winter is something of a new venture since white men 'liberated' these areas from their rightful owners. It might be helpful to look at traditional tribal wintering grounds in the areas of interest.

In New Mexico, the one that comes to mind is Bosque Del Apache on the Rio Grande south of Albuquerque. The riparian environment down near the river moderates the temps unless it is just an all-out front. I am not saying it is warm there, but the moderated temps mixed with the dry desert environment, can add up to tolerable conditions during times when the high alpine is still very cold.

Another area where the temps were often moderated is around Cortez, Colorado. It isn't balmy there either, but much nicer than the alpine condtions at DMR, Telluride, or Wolf Creek.

If I were in your situation, I would look at Grand Junction. It certainly can't be described as balmy, but it can seem that way when you come down out of the high rockies in winter. It is also relatively close to what I think is the best skiing in Colorado(Vail/BeaverCreek and the Aspen group). A great, uncrowded highway system to good skiing, and no mountain passes to cross; seems to make it look like a slam dunk.

I wish I had better reco's, but that is the best I could come up with; and I spent most of the day thinking about it while driving.
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Thanks, feal, what I wish for might well be impossible, but I'll investigate your suggestions. Thanks again.

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Too bad you can't drive to Hawaii.

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I would think somewhere outside Ruidosa near Ski Apache would be warmer than anywhere else. I know that mountain is a pain to drive everyday but weather in Southern New Mexico would be much warmer than any where else near a ski area.
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Do you know of any places near Killington to take an RV? If so, are they along a bus route or anything to get to the lifts or would I need a rental car from Rutland?
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Rutland isn't exactly a warm place to camp . Our RV is a 5th wheel trailer pulled by a Dodge diesel truck which is disconnected from the trailer and is used for transportation.

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