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Cheap Aspen Accomodations???

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A friend and I finally saved up enough money to ski Summit Co. for a week (Mid Feb.) Finally, justification for sitting behind this damn desk all year long. Since this trip is going to be one for the ages; why not go all the way and ski Aspen for a couple of days? I am well aware of how expensive Aspen can be, but I figured that if anyone out there knew of any cheap accomodations to meet the needs of economy-minded skiers, the barking bears would.
Our thoughts are to ski two days and stay in Aspen for one night. I looked online and found a couple of hotels for cheap in Glenwood Springs and Carbondale area, but I know nothing about this area. Ideally, we wouldn't be too far from town and the apres ski scene. Does anyone know of any good deals/hotels in Aspen? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks- Jeremy
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You want to stay right in Aspen, Right?
Try the St. Moritz Lodge and condominiums. I stayed there for a month and had a very pleasant stay. There are dorms on the third floor where you and your buds can stay all in the same room with a shared bath. There are also reasonably priced condos and hotel rooms too. They sport a hot outdoor pool open in the afternoon and breakfast in the morning. It's quite cozy there. I'll go look for a link to their site to be posted later.
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-or this was their old web page.
I was having trouble with it. http://www.stmoritzlodge.com/

If you can, hike up Aspen Highlands Bowl. The skiing it worth it.
There is good food at the Onion for happy hour.
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Thanks. That's pretty much exaclty what we're looking for. Does anyone know of any lift discounts?
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try http://www.aspensnowmass.com
I was there last year and my 6 day ticket scanned for 7 days of skiing.
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