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Your Favorite Runs..

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Well, I could'nt manage the poll 'cause I 've been staying too close to home; but in Utah my list is this;
Alta; 1.-5. personal secrets.
6.Devils castle when the patrol drops the rope.
7. Gunsight; the pow gets sick.
8.Third door.pow nearly as sick.
9..Stonecrusher on a windy stormy snow-blowey day; I'ts protected and the snow blows in. Unless the winds blowing the wrong way then it's a crusty junky wind tunnel.
Park City;
1.Scott's bowl for pow
2.Shamus for a blue cruiser; take a left off the King Con chair and head down King con Ridge; I use the trail sign as a focus point and try to carve as many perfect short or medium turns as I can; take a left at the sign and you're in a big meadow perfect for huge swoopers; then drop left at the Shamus sign and pour it on; It's just steep enough to generate huge speed yet low angle enough you don't need to worry about trimming until you get near the bottom and join the crowd at the run out. They seem to groom this run better than the others, or it gets the sun just right, anyway it's a dream. I can do this literally all morning.
Deer Vally; Lunch.
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Here are some runs I've skied and although might not have been perfec, they left a memory in my head. In no order:

Big Coulior, Big Sky
Big Bang, Fernie
The Chutes (other side of the saddles), Fernie
Right Stuff, Sunday River (Home Mtn until this winter)

Can't wait until this list gets longer [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Some of my favorites are

Blue Sky----
Lovers leap when the snows good
Cloud Nine area
China Bowl----
Hitting the dragons teeth
Dropping the cornice off to the right of tea cup
Front side----
North and South rim under the Northwoods Express
Prima and Prima Cornice

all of the Pallavicini and West wall when open

Over the Rainbow
Avalanche Bowl
Busy Gully
porcupine and Summit ridge

the Windows which are rarely 0pen
Diamond Back
Mine Shaft
Anywhere in the black forest

There are more but thats it for now
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This one

From the Col du Plan down the Envers Glacier on the Aig du Midi
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