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Big Mountain, MT- Early April

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Can anyone give me some advice on how the conditions would typically be at Big Mountain in early April? Their website says they close on 4/11, so I'm hesitant about going there the last week they're open. They have some great deals though that have peaked my interest. Thanks for your input.
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Late March of '02 I was headed up there and on to Banff on a whirlwind trip that covered New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. I stopped and turned around at Big Sky the last week of March because the conditions were LOUSY, and I ran into someone that had just come out of BC via Big Mountain, and they said the heat wave had everything in a meltdown cycle. I later regretted the change, because I ran into someone down in Colorado who had just come down out of Canada, and he indicated Banff was still primo at the time I decided to not venture further north. ...When the southern jet influence kicks in through the heart of the continent that time of year, there isn't much the low altitude resorts can do; other than a snow dance each morning.

...It's a roll of the dice there also. I would put Summit county higher up the probability list for good conditions. You have probably already decided that you need to just pick a place and play the odds. ..It's likely all this fuss will wind up for naught!
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April is real iffy in Montana. If a cold front moves through you can get some great powder skiing but if a warm front moves through the legendary Rocky Mountain snow turns to deep, dangerous mush. I've literally seen the snow slide off of a run I was on an hour before. I wouldn't book flights and accommodations unless I knew I could back out at the last minute.

If you are trying to find a place to ski in April look into Mt. Bachelor. The Cascade snow holds up to the heat much better and if it gets too hot there is great biking and golfing in the area.
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I agree with Rio. Don't plan on April being good, it's very much a gamble.

Mid-March in the interior BC is where you should go, maybe Fernie, Kicking Horse, Whitewater, Red Mountain, etc.
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Thanks for the replies. I think based on the uncertainty of the conditions I'll pass on MT in April. I do want to get to MT this year though, so maybe I'll try a short trip in Feb.
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Kind of off the topic, but related:
My hero - Roger F. Langley has a trail named after him at Big Mountain Montana.
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Coach, I'll be there feb 11th - 16th.
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Late February through early March is the best time to visit Montana. By then the snow base is deep, the chances of encountering a deep arctic freeze are less and the precipitation is usually higher that time of year. To top it off the already sparse crowds start waning then.
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