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Mammoth is open !

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It was a pretty good opening day here in the Eastern Sierra. Got on the hill just after 8:30, and there was already about 5" of fresh. Broadway (easy blue)with one variation, and Fascination (easy black) were the only runs open, but the skiing was quite good. The manmade base was really solid, and the new snow buttered it up nicely. Visibilty was not great, and by the time we left around 11, it was crowded, hard to see, and very windy. The local weather "guru" belives we will get about 3' - 5' of snow with around seven feet up top by Sunday. The snow is heavy wet stuff, and should make for an ideal early season base. The wet snow made for extremely slick driving, and there were plenty of people having problems. I can't wait to see how much snow we have tomorrow. It will aslo be interesting to see how much terrain they open over the weekend.
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Post another update on the conditions and open/soon to open terrain next time you get a chance. Please!!

I'm thinking of heading up this coming weekend.

Thanks!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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We ended up getting really wet snow, even at Main. This has created a really bomber base of hardpack like conditions. Yesterday, was really busy. Chair 1 did not open until almost 11, and the lines were huge. Coverage was great on piste, with the new snow setting up solid, and no rocks anywhere on the trails. There were about ten runs open, but the Glades, and Gravy Chute still have some bony spots. Looks like we got several more inches last night, so conditions may be softer today. Chair three lokks really good, Saddle Bowl looks especially fat. The Top had some stripped areas (Wipeouts), and some Loaded areas (da Noids), and will hopefully open soon. We will see what they open today. Gotta run.
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I think that chair 3 is going to be my trigger. If they open that, then I will be willing to make the drive. A bit more snow and it will be on!!
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Chair three will open tomorrow, and Gondola 1&2 will open Wednesday. Today was the best day yet; bluebird, warm, with great snow.
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