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tahoe in early april

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I'm staying in tahoe in the first week of april. How will the snow be and about how much?? Heavenly, squaw, kirkwood, northstar, alpine... what does anyone like/dislike about each. How will the lift lines be? any suggestions? any help would be appreciated! :

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It's too early to tell but I had one of my best days last year in mid-April at Kirkwood. It snowed about a half a foot, and the temperatures were fairly low (no slush or anything), there were no crowds, no lift lines, just me and my friends. it was great.

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April usually has the highest snowpack of the season. You can still see powder after a storm, but it will turn to slush in the afternoon sun.

My advice for April skiing in the Tahoe area: ski high, follow the sun if there's a freeze/thaw cycle, wear lots of sunscreen, quit when the snow gets too heavy.

M favorite spring skiing area is Alpine Meadows. Lots of different aspects, so you can follow the sun across the mountain. There's also a casual, laid back atmosphere that suits springtime well. I've even seen winter conditions at the summit on Memorial Day, so anything's possible.

If it's snowing, I suggest going to Sugar Bowl or Kirkwood. They get the most snowfall in the area. Get there early, as powder doesn't last long at that time of year.
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I've been to Heavenly, Squaw Valley, and Kirkwood at the end of March/early April three times and enjoyed each trip.

Kirkwood has the highest elevation and coolest temps. so there is less slush factor. I didn't like the mt. (runs are short/steep, then too flat half-way down. Base facilities were poor also.

Squaw has fantastic steep terrain that is more manageable with corn/soft snow. On a warm day though, too much of the mt. becomes mashed potatoes soft. I suggest an early start and check out Granite Chief or K-27 peaks. Avoid Squaw on the weekends unless you want to maximize babe watching, drinking, and tanning!

Ah...how Heavenly skiing can be at Heavenly in the Spring! Heavenly has Mott's Canyon & Killebrew Canyon for steeps. Gunbarrel for bumps. And perfectly spaced Douglas Fir trees for shaded snow off the groomed highways on any part of the mountan. Off the Skyline trail on the CA side is one of the best glades I have ever skied. Cool looking stumpy trees, small dropoffs and easy acces back to the Skyline Express quad. Check it out! The bar-be-ques, beer and babe-watching is just as good as the action at Squaw too!

All in all, Tahoe is great in the Spring! Enjoy!
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