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Salt Lake City Itinerary

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My Brother and I are going to Salt Lake the first weekend in February. The plane tickets are bought but we have yet to select our ultimate destination, so I need some help. We arrive Thurs AM and we leave Sunday at 4. I am told that we will be able to ski a half day on Thursday and Sunday and a full day on Friday and Saturday. We are both advanced skiers and we would like to challenge ourselves. We mostly ski in the East so pow skiing is not something we get to do too much of but we want to take our best shot at it. Alta was my first choice but my brother suggested Park City because of the town and the variety of nightlife. We also saw something about cat skiing at Alta which I always wanted to try. It will probably be a while before we are back in the area so I want to make the most of it. I/We are open to any and all suggestions and input. Thanks in advance!
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Since you're arriving in the morning, you can take advantage of the QuickStart deal in Park City (in case you weren't aware). If you present the voucher from their website plus your same-day boarding pass, you get to ski free at Park City, Deer Valley, or The Canyons. Here's a link to the details:

That said, make sure you do a day at Alta - it's not to be missed. Snowbasin was also cool and it's not that bad a drive from Park City (you'd still have time to make it back to Park City for the nightlife).
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My son & I did a similar trip last February. It was great. We flew in, rented a vehicle than stayed one night in Ogden. Skied Snowbasin, traveled to Midvale. Skied , The Canyons, Alta, Snowbird. So much good terrain at The Canyons when good snow coverage is great (and Village & Park City are fun). DO NOT miss Alta [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] and Snowbird's Mineral Basin. Snowbasin looked great, but we had a bad storm (lightening)day.
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Roger's is a good tip. Just my 2 cents, but assuming you'll have a rental car and skiing comes over night life, I'd recommend: hit Deer Valley on Thurs with voucher (nothing against PC or Canyons, but individual tics are so expensive at DV, you may never ski it again w/o the freebie. The swankiness of DV is a pretty unique experience and the mtn is good too); stay in cheap chain motel near mouth of lil cottonwood canyon (Sandy) and ski Snowbird on Fri; then ski Alta (no boarders allowed) on Sat and Sun (believe they sell an AM half day tic at Alta). If you were staying for a week I might favor basing out of PC because of restaurants/night scene, but for this rare and short trip you should ski til you drop.
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By the way, I wouldn't mess with cat skiing, the regular terrain at Alta and Snowbird will blow your a-- away!
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I'll second Jj on 2 counts, use your quick start at Deer Valley, and don't bother with the cat skiing.'ve missed significant freshies by 2 or 3 days, and you really want to ski pow. 1 day after a dump, you'll still be able to find some, but 2 or more and the hunt becomes difficult. The pow hounds @ Alta/Bird are a voracious breed of predator.

In such a situation, the Cat can get you untracked for probably up to 4-5 days after the dump.

Above all, have fun!
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if it was me
day one deer valley with the deal, 1/2 day warm up the legs, enjoy the luxury.
stay in Park CIty that night & party.

Friday, hit Alta. just go, it will be worth it, better on weekdays. If its a powderday it'll still be a cluster in the lines, but worth it. Hike & traverse, dont cut your own pack or trail, if there isn't one 5 minutes after the area opens, there is a reason, existing traverses, bootpack will get you where you want to go. Enjoy but be sure you are advanced skiers to go all the places, seen plenty of "advanced Eastern skiers where they did not want to be.
stay @ the Mouth of the canyon
next day, Saturday, I would hit solitude. Same snow less crowds. alta/snowbird can be a bear on a saturday with lines, etc.
Sunday hit your favorite of the 3 again or try Snowbird or Brighton.
All the reosrts are 45 minutes from the airport.
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Ditto.... Deer Valley on a Freebie....
cheapest way is Extended Stay America in SLC... $45 a night...
and you're no more than 40 minutes from Paradise... Snowbird and Alta are MUSTS -

Party is in Park City
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& rent some fat skis
I skied on my Heli-stars (115 waist)today in Honeycomb canyonn & it was sublime.........
110" & counting this year.
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Extended Stay America was great for us last year, but since then, I've discovered Its been great for getting even better deals!

Sorry you'll be there right after the ESA! Would have loved to have met you guys.


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I'm from the east but i've skied SLC many times. You will definetely get a half day of skiing in Thursday. In fact, i always do the Thur-Sunday deal and always get more than my share.

Snowbird RULES!!! Everyone always gives alot of advice about going to Alta but the terrain doesn't measure up to the bird, and i've skied both many times in all conditions. Alta has much more runout and much more traversing than the bird. You can skied top to bottom at the bird hundreds of different ways in innumerable nooks and crannies. I wish i could take you around for a 1/2 day, you would never forget it. But don't pass up alta either. esp supreme lift. bird - Nothing beats Little Cloud bowl when the snow is good and if you have fresh you will be in for a huge treat at Mineral Basis. It is HUGE and STEEP. We always ski either Solitude or Brighton for first half day, then Snowbird second day, then Alta third, then back at bird for grand finale, ski till noon, change in parking lot and on the early afternoon flight. you picked it right thurs-sun. At the bird you can just turn off anywhere, just follow the tracks, let gravity be your guide. At alta there is always more runout and traversing involved to get to the good stuff. remember that i said that and see for yourself. but some people get off on the fact that alta is quaint and cheaper, but i'm only there fo the snow, and we stay in Sandy and last year got $42 tram tickets at our hotel so price is the same, and the TRAM is NUMERO UNO if it is not crowded. Also if you are a diehard like me you can ski until 4:30 or i think maybe 4:45 on peruvian, and it opens at 9 not 9:15 or 9:30 like alta. that mtn just goes straight up and it is steeeep top to bottom, you can easily never go down the same run all day long.

solitude and brighton are good, but not in the same league, half day material. canyons - lots and lots of flat runout and very close tree skiing, that 3200 acres is exageration.

also remember the cottonwood canyon skiers call park city - park silly - because the snow is NEVER as good as at alta/bird. it can be sunny over there and snow 6" on top of the bird for no reason whatsoever. that place is amazing!!! have fun. let gravity be your guide - try to get in trouble - but not too much trouble - you'll be amazed at where they let you ski. caution signs are for real
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Thank You for all of the great insight. I have been away since I made my first post and I greatly appreciate all the advice (keep it coming). We are definitely going to hit DV on Thursday and Alta at least once and probably for the rest of our short stay. Sounds like Cat skiing is not needed.

Would anybody suggest skiing with a guide/instructor on Saturday(or any other time)at Alta. It sounds like local knowledge and a way to get around lines might be a good way to go. I am a little concerned about trying to get demos if I am going to be skiing at a few different places. I have a pair of Bandit Xs will that get the job done? How far is it from DV to Alta? DV to Park City? and PC to Alta?

Again I really appreciate everybodys input. Thanks again!
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at snowbird they have something called the Mountain Experience. I did it twice years ago when i was just getting started with steep western skiing. about 8 advanced skiers with one crazy guide who showed us all kinds of nooks and crannies and places where we wouldn't have gone on our own. costs i think about $40 on top of lift ticket and is well worth it!
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Early season looks great!

Our family is heading to SLC on Friday for a week. Had not planned on skiing Friday, but we get into SLC at 10:00 a.m.(hopefully).

Our family:
* 2 adults and 2 kids (ages 6 and 7), skill range 4 - 7.
* Haven't skied Canyons or Snowbasin (how are early season
conditions at these two?)
* Staying in Sandy

Any suggestions on the below itinerary:
Friday afternoon: Quick Start at Canyons (or Park City)
Saturday: Solitude
Sunday: Snowbasin (or Brighton depending on conditions)
Monday - Thursday: alternating Alta/Snowbird
Friday: Snowbird, Solitude or Brighton (free kids tickets)

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Originally posted by cjbrowns:
* Haven't skied Canyons or Snowbasin (how are early season
conditions at these two?)
I skied Snowbasin last Saturday and will probably be there this weekend (if I can shake this cold!) Currently, neither the Strawberry or John Paul lifts are open, so you'll be limited to the middle bowl area, which is still a lot of terrain. Conditions were very good.
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Originally posted by Glenn Cz:

solitude and brighton are good, but not in the same league, half day material.

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Distances to different resorts...

DV to Park City... about 2 miles.... same shuttle bus takes you both places...

DV to Alta and Bird.... not sure in miles... Down to SLC south to Sandy up the canyon..

..about 1 hour..
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Originally posted by BobMc:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Glenn Cz:

solitude and brighton are good, but not in the same league, half day material.

</font>[/quote]hey now he's from the east but he's skied Salt Lake many times

cant you ski all this & more in a 1/2 day?
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Originally posted by Gregbo:
Distances to different resorts...

DV to Park City... about 2 miles.... same shuttle bus takes you both places...

DV to Alta and Bird.... not sure in miles... Down to SLC south to Sandy up the canyon..

..about 1 hour..
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