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Whistler crowded?

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Are the lift lines long at Whistler mid-week?
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Are the lift lines long at Whistler mid-week?
Probably not next week. Have fun!
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Generally not. The chairs that are usually most crowded are the ones to the alpine, where the tourists like to ski; Harmony and The Peak on Whistler, and 7th Heaven on Blackcomb. The Emerald on Whistler is also very busy, as it is the perfect are for beginners and lower intermediates. Anywhere else, except for the morning rush, 5 to 8 minutes would be a long wait. On powder days, I head for the trees, where the crowds aren't, and the snow is just as good as it is way up there. A tip: the Crystal and Catskinner fixed-grip triples on Blackcomb service some fabulous terrain, and I've never had to wait more that 3 minutes for either. Once you get over the novelty of the big bowls and the big vertical, there are lots of great stashes to be had.
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I agree with everything JR says.

Mid week other than the obvious holidays is awesome at Whistler/Blackcolm. Access from the village sometimes bottlenecks. For Blackcolm start early when lifts open at base 2. For Whistler shorter lines at Creekside.

Once up top, tons of terrain and always easy to find short or no waits. Both mountains have wait line boards that will let you know where the lineups aren't.

Powder days tend to start busy but as less travelled legs tire the mountain empties.
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