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Just picked up this tidbit from the Bormio web site:


Cable Car Bormio - Bormio 2000 completely dissassabled

Thanks to the Alpine World Ski Championships, by the ski winter of 2005 Bormio will have three new lifts. Bormio's Ski-lift association S.I.B (Società Impianti Bormio) is actually planning two new chairlifts and a cabin cable car on the slopes of the skiing mountain Valecetta.

During the past few weeks, the cable car Bormio - Bormio 2000 (view Photo) has been completely dissassambled, including the buildingt which host the valley and the mountain stations. The "Gondel" has been operating for more than 30 years, it has been built in 1969. Now it will be replaced by a eight-seater cabin cable car that is going to have a capacity of 2800 persons per hour, while the old structure could carry "only" 820 persons per hour. The new facility will still be called "Bormio - Bormio 2000" and will be completed by the end of this summer - thus operating from the next winter season on.

The other planned structures are two four-seater chairlifts with covers ("bubbles"). One of them will be built from Ciuk to Valbella, while the second one shall operate from Valbella to Bormio 3000. Thest two facilities will guarantee a fast transportation from Ciuk (1.600 m) up to the top of the ski mountain, Bormio 3000. The capacity of both chairlifts is 2.400 persons per hour. They will be assembled in summer of 2004 and operate by the winterseason 2004/05.

Cabin cable car Bormio - Bormio 2000 - some details:

Capacity: 2800 persons/hour
Length: 2.400 m
Vertical drop: 730 m
Valley station: 1.225 m
Mountain station: 1.955 m
Duration of ascent: 7 m 4 s
Speed: 6 m/s