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Sunshine Village (Banff)

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Are there any on-mountain lodgings at Sunshine Village? I could have sworn I'd heard there were condos or chalets for rent privately, but I haven't found any links at their site. Any suggestions? If not, for 3 couples not looking for the "hotel room" kind of thing, what would you suggest?

Thanks in advance.

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The only thing on the mountain is the Sunshine Inn.

You might try www.sbll.com for the kind of rentals you want. They list some of the bigger condo management groups, but there are a lot of other rentals in the area that you might find through the local websites. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Great. Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely look into it.

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Before you go to Sunshine this year check the ski conditions. last I heard they had no snow.
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Originally posted by Knuck:
Before you go to Sunshine this year check the ski conditions. last I heard they had no snow.
Yeah, this is the tough part in trip planning--guesstimating about conditions two months from now. If we do head that way, it's looking more and more like Fernie, but I have heard that this year's weather conditions (El Nino again?) historically have always resulted in a lackluster snow year. On the other hand, facing north as it primarily does,not to mention the colder weather, should help preserve the base they'll get between now and then?

The alternative is Snowma$$.

What's everyone's prediction for this year's best bets for conditions in late March?

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Late March we would hope everywhere has a decent base but as we know, this isn't always the case.

Here at Whistler/Blackomb we had a poor November, great mid to late December and then rain just after new years. I skied Sunday and the mountain was open from top to bottom with good skiing up top. I would expect several good dumps between now and April. We always get precipitation in the winter. This year my concern is how cold it will be as we approach April. Its no fun skiing in the rain. Normally it won't rain in March and Whistler usuallystays open until June. Blackomb then opens on the glacier through the summer. Generally it's a safe bet here in March.

The problem with the rockies is sometimes its really dry and they just never get the base we would hope for. This appears to be a dry year for them.

I hear California, Mammoth for example, is having a good year. maybe someone from down there can give you a report and prediction.

Good luck
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Sunshine has 86 runs open with a base over 1 meter. If I am guessing right, most of the couples in your group are not interested in the runs that aren't open anyway. Most of the ones that aren't open with a base over the meter mark are tougher than what 80% of the areas in the continental US have!! I would bet my woolen undies that you will have a good base by the time you get there, and it will be a better grade of snow than what most of the ski areas are getting this year. ....Lots of 'white' stuff doesn't always mean the 'best' skiing.

Hope you have a good trip!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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