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Summit County Lodging wanted

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I'm taking the family for a week of skiing in March. The way I see it, you really can't go wrong with any of the resorts but I am leaning towards Keystone or Copper. What will decide it is lodging. I only need a small 1-bedroom condo that will sleep the three of us. If anyone knows of or is renting a place that might suit us, please contact me. Thanks!
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Welcome to Epic ski,
Hope you stick around for all the conversations chat here.

kima, one of the members here has a place in summit

check this thread for info
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Hi Yes we rent our out when we are not using it. March is the highest rate due to Spring Break. If all you want is a one bedroom you might take a look at http://cf.summitnet.com/lodging/summitlodging2.cfm
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