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Utah Locals...

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I just wanted to post a quick note to the utah locals that have helped me out over the last couple months in the search for information about ootah. I've accepted a job with Deer Valley and will be moving out from MN in october. It's not the LCC but it's exponentially better than MN. After I get settled after a season I'll look at getting closer to mecca.I was supposed to start in Aug but a family illness has delayed my arrival. By oct things should be in order. I owe some of you a beer for the help and will be getting in contact with you when I arrive.

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Drop me a line a little closer to you move. I'll try to give you a hand. Sorry to hear about the illness, hope that things get better.

Where ya livin'?
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heh, yeah, i live in MN, and it sucks for skiing!
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Monkey, congratulations on the job. I think You can check The Park Record Newpaper ads on line for housing and things. You may even find a temp job to fill in untill Deer Valley opens. Hope your feeling better
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